Tuning In from The Yoga of Sound Series

Tuning In from The Yoga of Sound Series

Artist: Mata Mandir Singh
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Length: 55:49:00 Price: $11.98

01. Sa - 7:50 - Price: $1.29

02. Ong Namo - 9:07 - Price: $1.29

03. Ad Guray Nameh - 16:47 - Price: $3.60

04. Sunai Sidh - 10:24 - Price: $2.60

05. Listen While I Tell the Tale - 7:11 - Price: $1.29

06. Long Sat Nam - 4:27 - Price: $1.29

This music is said to have the power to instantaneously connect you with sources of energy and wisdom far beyond our own limited known self. This allows you to relate to the unknown future which is a vast infinite, creative, happening process. Tuning In features the soothing & hypnotic vocals of Mata Mandir Singh with complimentary harmonies by Gurudass Kaur. Remastered at Invincible Studios January 2009!

There is a poem written by my spiritual teacher Yogi Bhajan that begins with these lines: Meditate on God right now! And even if you’ve wasted your past in pursuit of Maya (An ancient sanscrit word meaning the things of the world), You can know the future. That to me is a prime reality of spiritual life. That anyone, no matter how high or low, has the power to instantaneously connect with sources of energy and wisdom far beyond his or her own limited known self. This allows us to relate to the unknown future which is a vast infinite, creative, happening process. The greatest sinner can become the greatest saint in an instant. It is a change of mental frequency and perspective. There is no guilt in the equation. It is this quality of the creation that gives me hope, both for myself as well as all humankind and the planet earth, within which our existence is so inextricably interwoven. The instant we tune in, the healing process begins immediately on a personal and a global level. In the yogic philosophy it is said that we as creatures of the creator, are given the mind to instantly connect to infinity, the source of all energy and power. It is said we are not earth beings trying to be spiritual but angelic, spiritual beings, trying to adjust to life on earth. The mind is a gift from God to shuttle between the etheric realms and the earth. It is sometimes possible to have a glimpse of this “Tuned In” mind in observing the actions of the saints, sages and both great and humble spiritual teachers who have walked the earth with otherworldly strength, insight, humility and service to their fellow humans. The practice of singing mantras and spiritual poetry created by these folks demonstrates the power of the spoken word within ourselves to connect ones own consciousness with the central computer that we sometimes call God. By changing the frequency of our mental vibrations, our world changes with it. That is the power of prayer. By listening with deep attention to our innermost sounds in meditation, or to the sacred sounds of ourselves or others chanting, we can gain the power of tuning in.. It is very similar to the way we change the frequency of the vibrating string of an instrument to bring it into harmony with the instrument itself and the other strings. It then makes those who hear it feel pleasure from that harmony. Just so, by listening and listening and adjusting our own mental frequency, we come into harmony with the whole universe and can share that energy with others. That is the practice of Naad Yoga.
The Teachings

The teachings contained in this CD series are part of a vast body of yogic knowledge brought to the western world by Yogi Bhajan. It is through his tireless dedication and selflessness as a teacher and compassion as a human that so many have the opportunity to practice these teachings today. Further it is largely due to his encouragement that I came to record this music.

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