Invincible Yoga and Meditation Sampler

Invincible Yoga and Meditation Sampler

Artist: Various Invincible Musicians
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01. Guru Ram Das - 4:34 - Price: $1.29

02. St. Francis - 3:55 - Price: $1.29

03. Wind Chants - 4:32 - Price: $1.29

04. Oh My Soul - 4:14 - Price: $1.29

05. Every Heartbeat - 4:17 - Price: $1.29

06. Ave Maria - 3:23 - Price: $1.29

07. Wahe Pachelbel Chant - 4:12 - Price: $1.29

08. Har Har Mukande - 4:19 - Price: $1.29

09. Dekh Phool - 4:32 - Price: $1.29

10. Light Of The Soul - 4:22 - Price: $1.29

11. God Is Within Me - 4:15 - Price: $1.29

12. Ardas Bhaee - 4:03 - Price: $1.29

13. Mool Mantra - 4:35 - Price: $1.29

14. Har Jan Rakhay - 4:28 - Price: $1.29

15. Humee Hum - 4:14 - Price: $1.29

16. Soul Blessings - 4:38 - Price: $1.29

17. Meditative Pachelbel - 4:30 - Price: $1.29

A great CD for previewing sound samples of 16 tracks for yoga and meditation which features over 67 minutes of mellow music from 14 albums which can be used for yoga, or for work and relaxation.

1. Guru Ram Das from Crimson Vol. 1 & 2: The chant Guru Ram Das has the power to induce a healing state of consciousness. In the ancient scriptures, it is said to strengthen the connection with the inner spirit and to develop a sense of purpose and guidance.
  2. Singh Kaur - St. Francis from Songs of the Lords Love: Songs of the Lord’s Love was the first glimpse of a wonderful new voice, Singh Kaur, who would later create the Crimson Collection. Here, solo and with the vocals of Sat Nam Singh, she brings songs of devotion and ecstasy. Listen and let your mind and soul sing joyful songs.
  3. Robert Higgins - Wind Chants: Be prepared for a sound journey to take to you to high places that will allow your imagination to soar! Flute and space music accompanies Gregorian chant with soft wind that carries you over the heavenly mountain tops.
  4. Anahata Choir - Oh My Soul from Healing Sounds of the Ancients Vol. 2: Sung by an angelic choir, this song of the soul’s power to transcend life and death is by the Indian mystic poet and weaver Kabir. “Sing such a song with all your heart, you will never have to sing again.”
  5. Nirinjan Kaur - Every Heartbeat from Musical Affirmations Vol. 1: Every Heartbeat is designed to heal mental pain by giving hope and a deep understanding of spiritual truth. The voice of Nirinjan Kaur has a rare quality that is soothing, meditative, and truthful. This soothing album with beautiful lyrics feels as if it removes the worries of the world.
  6. Benedictine Sisters - from Ave Maria: Men seem to have the corner on the “chant chart,” but here is a chance to experience the feminine. These Benedictine Sisters sing with clarity, devotion and power with a shimmering subtle natural stream sounds to enhance the rich sounds. Ave Maria is angelic and simply heavenly.
  7. Liv & Let Liv - Wahe Pachelbel Chant: The chant Wahe Guru Jio is an expression of the highest ecstasy. Trancelike drums and beautiful instrumentation are layered with echoing vocals. We hope that this music gives you an experience of the deep feeling of joy that comes from the infinite creator.
  8. Singh Kaur - Har Har Mukande from Crimson Vol. 4 & 5: Meditate deeply on this ancient healing celestial song/chant to awaken your victorious personality and experience living from a carefree perspective which is the liberated soul. It can stimulate the capacity for commitment and courage, turning challenges into opportunities.
  9. Sat-Kartar Kaur - Dekh Phool from Spirit in Blossom: Rag Basant is traditionally played when the spring season is beginning. The hymns or shabds in this musical scale describe the flowering of the meditative mind and soul. Its note interval structure is unusual, compared to most Western music, and is an aural journey into new places.
  10. Bibi Bhani - Light of the Soul: This mantra has the effect of bringing purity to the ego and sacredness to the personality. You will feel great after listening to this music which is appropriate for massage, meditation and background music during the day or night. Used for white tantric yoga throughout the world.
  11. Nirinjan Kaur - God is Within Me from Musical Affirmations Vol. 1: God is Within Me is wonderful as background music or for meditation. These lyrics contain the essence of the ancient chants and together, the two languages create a powerful synergy. This is truly therapy music for its pure effect on mind and soul.
  12. Anahata Choir - Ardas Bhaee from Healing Sounds of the Ancients Vol. 3: This ethereal music with a heavenly female choir produces a mood of inner peace. The ancient mantra is said to be the prayer that answers all prayers. It features the Anahata Choir with orchestra and guitar.
  13. Singh Kaur - Mool Mantra From Crimson Vol. 1 & 2: This is a “root” sound current. Repeating this mantra eradicates tensions and conflict and gives you spiritual and material progress. Its serene passages have a lullaby-like quality you can also share with your children.
  14. Sat-Kartar Kaur - Har Jan Rakhay from Domain of Shiva: Jo Mageh Thakur Apane Tay - The main repeating line means, “God’s Slave has been saved by the Guru, the World-Lord; drawing me to His Bosom, my sins have been erased by the Forgiving Compassionate Lord.”
  15. Nirinjan Kaur - Humee Hum from Musical Affirmations Vol. 2: Humee Hum creates a space for internal exploration and realization. Trance-like music creates a mood of reverence. The power of Peace & Tranquility, it is said, is to have all prayers answered. In many tests this music will be useful and comforting.
  16. Liv & Let Liv - Meditative Pachelbel: A sensitive and expansive soundscape that explores the inner realms of the conscious mind. Incorporates the highest quality 3-D surround sound technology. Played with feeling and artistry. Specially played and composed at 60 beats per minute, the speed of a sleeping person’s heartbeat.

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