Protection from The Yoga of Sound Series

Protection from The Yoga of Sound Series

Artist: Mata Mandir Singh
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Length: 67:37:00 Price: $11.98

01. Rakhay Rakanahar - 15:48 - Price: $3.60

02. Guru Ram Das - 16:03 - Price: $3.60

03. Ik Ardas - 17:24 - Price: $3.60

04. Aap Sahee Hoa - 15:41 - Price: $3.60

05. Interelude - 2:39 - Price: $1.29

Through the mantras on this CD, we can build our intuition & add energy to our protective auras. This music is said to have the power to rescue you in the midst of trial and danger. Protection features the soothing & hypnotic vocals of Mata Mandir Singh with complimentary harmonies by Gurudass Kaur. Remastered at Invincible Studios January 2009!


As humans we do not have the protection afforded much of the animal kingdom in terms of teeth, claws and horns. What we do have is our intuition, our sensitivity and protective aura or magnetic field. People who are accident prone tend to have weak auras and often are in the wrong place at the wrong time. Through the mantras on this CD we can build our intuition and add energy to our protective auras. When the inner vibration is strong and focused, the outer projection is the same, and our ability to keep our presence of mind and inner integrity to make correct choices under stress is enhanced.

How to use this CD

The best way to use this CD is to sit in any meditative posture and sing along with the text. The idea is to connect the individual consciousness with the supreme consciousness. When you vibrate a mantra correctly and long enough to master it, then the universe vibrates back to you. The great 14th century sage Kabir said, “I used to chant Ram Ram Ram, now God chants Kabir Kabir Kabir.” Some friends I know like to put mantra music on continuous play in their house even when they are not at home. The idea is that sound pervades everything so the vibrations contained in the music go into the very atoms of a room.

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