Overcoming Fear from The Yoga of Sound Series

Overcoming Fear from The Yoga of Sound Series

Artist: Mata Mandir Singh
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Length: 63:30:00 Price: $11.98

01. Mul Mantra - 12:44 - Price: $2.60

02. Gobinde Mukande - 17:54 - Price: $3.60

03. Chatr Chakra Varti - 10:18 - Price: $2.60

04. Sa Ta Na Ma - 8:35 - Price: $1.29

05. Adi Shakti - 7:35 - Price: $1.29

06. Guru Ram Das Chant - 6:21 - Price: $1.29

Remove your fears by experiencing the unlimited expanse of the Universe through Naad Yoga, the Yoga of Sound. Hearing & singing this sound current is said to instill courage & fearlessness into every fiber of the listener. Overcoming Fear features the soothing & hypnotic vocals of Mata Mandir Singh with complimentary harmonies by Gurudass Kaur. Remastered at Invincible Recording Studio.

This CD has been two and one half years in the making. It started simple, just a few of us sitting around a friend’s house in France playing some mantras together, and from there began to magnify and expand with everyone’s input. We all worked hard and recorded a few different versions of it. In between has come the September 11th 2001 tragedy and in the years following, fear seems to have a life of its own in the world, growing and expanding. We offer this music, mantra, and prayer as a small contribution to freedom from fear and suffering for all humanity and hope that if even a few people use the spiritual technology contained within for personal growth, then our effort has been well worth it. I also firmly believe that when we vibrate mantras of peace and security the thought-waves travel and spread on a molecular level and so spread peace in the world as well. So for this reason, the time I feel most fulfilled in my life comes during the making of spiritual music or Kirtan as it is called.

Although I have plenty of deep-seated fear still to overcome in my life, I am grateful to have had the role model of my teacher Yogi Bhajan as an example of a spiritual warrior. He came to the West literally with nothing (his luggage was stolen here in Amsterdam on the way over). He went on, overcoming many obstacles, to teach tens of thousands of people the way of yoga and meditation.

Then I was blessed to have learned the history of the Sikhs and the incredible obstacles they overcame as a people to bring the body of teachings forward to the present. These stories are also deeply imbedded in my consciousness and serve to inspire when things seem hopeless.

I remember an incident in Yogi Bhajan’s early days as a teacher after a near car accident in the mountains. Everyone except him was shaking with fear. A student said to him. ”How can I be fearless? My role model as a child was Mickey Mouse. Yours were Shiva, Krishna and the Sikh Gurus.” I don’t know how he replied to that comment but I do know he has said many times that the greatest mantra in the Age of Aquarius is ”Keep Up”.

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