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Shamno Mitra

Mantra: Shamno Mitra

Complete Mantra:
Shamno mitra, sham varuna,
Shamno bhaved varyamam
Shamna indro bhrahaspati,
Shamno vishnu uru kramah Namo
brahmane, namaste vayu
Tvameva pratyaksham brahmasi
Tvameva pratyaksham brahma
Ritam vadisyami, satyam vadisyami
Tan mamavatu, tad vaktaram avatu
Avatu mam, avatu vaktaram
Om shanti shanti shantih

May the sun god Mitra, Varuna,
Aryamaa, Indra, Brahaspati and
the all pervading Maha Vishnu and
all the devatas shower their
blessings upon us. Salutations to
Brahma. Salutations to Vaayu. You
are the personification of Brahma.
Salutations to Brahma. I shall
always abide by dharma
(righteousness). I shall always
speak the truth. May that protect
us all.
Om peace, peace, peace.

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