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Shyam Bolo Jai

Mantra: Shyam Bolo Jai

Complete Mantra:
Krishna Govind Govind Gopala
Gopala Devaki Nandana (Krishna! Krishna!)
Shyam Shyam Bolo Jai Radhe Shyam Bolo

Krishna watches over the sentient beings
The sentient beings are guided by the child Krishna
He is the son of Devaki (Krishna! Krishna!)
The blue one, dark as the rainclouds, speak of Him, O beloved!
Speak of Him...
Govind - literally "Gov" + "Indra", the Indra of the cows, watching over the beings on earth as Indra watches over heaven
Gopala - the child Krishna
Devaki - Krishna's mother
Nandana - child
Shyam - the color blue, the color of Krishna's skin
Bolo - speak, sing
Radhe - the Beloved of Krishna

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