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Blissful ambient sounds mingle with Tesz’ rich, expressive voice for this heart and soul-stirring collection of songs and soundscapes. A sonic dream to a place of peace, healing and rejuvenation for the mind, body and spirit.

Be Here Now
    Be Here Now
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      Be Here Now  
      Artist: Tesz

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    Individual Songs
    1. Longtime Sunshine Journey - 11:57 - Price: 2.60
    2. Imagine Yes - 7:56 - Price: 1.29
    3. Turn Turn Turn Journey - 6:38 - Price: 1.29
    4. Be Here Now - 7:14 - Price: 1.29
    5. Ek Ong Kar - 8:58 - Price: 1.29
    6. Keep Up - 4:32 - Price: 1.29
    7. Worlds Apart - 5:33 - Price: 1.29

    TESZ is a creative vocal artist and songwriter whose soulful voice and heart-stirring music deeply resonate with her listeners. Her new music album, “BE HERE NOW” is a blissful soundscape celebrating our connection to mindfulness and heart-centered well-being. With the recent launch of the singles “Longtime Sunshine Journey” and “Imagine Yes,” her songs are described as ambient groove chant and pop meditation. TESZ’ music is a genre-breaking cross between Enya and Norah Jones, driven by a modern pulse influenced by pop, R&B, dance and electronic lounge.

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    Imagine Yes Producer cut Video with Tesz and Quantum Dream.

    Imagine Yes Official Video with Tesz and Quantum Dream.

    Imagine Yes including Lyrics Video with Tesz and Quantum Dream.

    Longtime Sunshine Journey (Official Video) with Tesz and Quantum Dream.

    Throughout her career, TESZ has traveled internationally, writing and recording original music and sharing her voice with superstars like Stevie Wonder, Shakira and Norah Jones. She starred in the lead roles of major Broadway musicals, including “Miss Saigon” and “Mamma Mia!” Time and again she’s been invited to perform for some of the world’s largest global corporations such as BMW-Mini Cooper, L’Oreal and Hugo Boss, where she’s inspired enthusiastic audiences with her music, her voice and her captivating presence.

    Raised in Arizona and forever grateful for the musical legacy of her Philippine-American heritage, TESZ now lives in both New York City and Scottsdale, creating new music with producers and artistic collaborators throughout the United States and Europe.

    Vocals by Tesz Millan
    Background vocals by Liv Singh Khalsa
    Keyboards including synth bass by Garrison Jones
    Electronic drums, Production, Arrangements and Engineering by Liv Singh Khalsa
    Guitars by Alex Oliverio on "Keep Up"
    Bass by Dylan Thomas on "Keep Up"
    Drum kit by Jordan Tomkins on "Keep Up"
    Organ by David Berry on "Keep Up"
    Recorded mixed and mastered at Invincible Recording
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