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Wash your mind clean with the sound of this song Bharia Hath.

Bharia Hath
    Bharia Hath
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      Bharia Hath  
      Artist: Mata Mandir Singh

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    Bharia Hath
    Length: CD Price: $18.98
    Individual Songs
    1. Bharia Hath - 1:02:11

    Bharia Hath is the 20th Pauri of Japji Sahib. In this pauri, Guru Nanak talks about the law of karma and how we can clean our minds and change our habits through meditation. Each Pauri has a power associated with it. Yogi Bhajan said about this pauri that it can take away guilt, and liberate 7 generations before and after you. It is the one to chant when ‘the monsters are nipping at your heels.’ It is considered most effective to chant the pauri 11 times a day for 40 or 90 or 1000 days to master it.

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    Mata Mandir Singh has been teaching Kundalini yoga and gatka (Gatka is an ancient martial art used by the Gurus to help defend the religious beliefs of Sikhs and also those of other religions). An expert in vegetarian cooking, he is also was the owner of Golden Temple restaurant - Amsterdam’s oldest vegetarian restaurant. Mata Mander Singh specializes in yoga of sound, naad yoga, and has recorded many albums.

    Inspired by Yogi Bhajan’s life-changing teachings, Mata Mandir embarked on a journey of helping others come into tune with the rhythm of the universe. “Everything has a frequency and vibration, everything has its own song,” he says. “When you tune in to sounds of the world, like the sound of your breath or your heartbeat, for example, the world becomes different. You create a new intelligence in your life and you begin to see rhythm where before you only saw chaos.”

    Grateful for the opportunity to create music that vibrates in harmony with universal consciousness, Mata Mandir humbly shares the music and teachings from his own journey and from his years of experience as a longtime disciple of Yogi Bhajan. Mata Mandir repeats the invaluable advice from his teacher: “Yogiji told me a long time ago that if you play any instrument in a rhythmic pattern, that will put you into harmony with the whole universe.”

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