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Bishop Diamond

Illusion of Life
Illusion of Life Bishop Diamond
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Bishop Diamond's Discography with Invincible Music

Creative expression defines every waking moment for all-around musician, songwriter, and visual artist Bishop Diamond. With a natural ear for catchy pop melodies and hyper-cinematic soundscapes, Bishop captivates his audience with original songs entrenched in the roots of Motown, pop, disco, and electronic music. His newest album, Illusion of Life, invigorates a pop genre that has idled for decades.

"We can make great music, and it can be catchy. It can even be original." ~ Bishop Diamond

Dedicated fully to the belief that great music can be catchy and original, Bishop Diamond started to create his own music at the age of 17. By 19, he was recording fully produced songs using an old Tascam cassette 4-track purchased as a gift by his father. Bishop taught himself to play the guitar and bass while making use of whatever items he found strewn about his home to design the sound and structure of his songs; boxes, glass bottles, water gallon jugs, and keys.

For the last 10+ years, Bishop has given every moment he could to writing music and recording. In the beginning, he worked day and night to obtain the tools that would exponentially broaden his melody writing and recording skills including a second-hand Casio keyboard and an 8-track Digital Studio Workstation. His first solo effort, Vague Sense of Threat, was recorded in the fall of 2005 as a wake-up call to the pop music scene that an exciting new sound had finally arrived.

Bishop began performing his music in 2006 and formed the band Kirkwood Dellinger one year later. Together they toured the U.S. with alternative rock legends The Meat Puppets between 2007-2011. With Bishop's vision for original music, their electrifying concerts received rave reviews from The East Valley Tribune, Java Magazine, and Phoenix New Times.

Bishop left Kirkwood Dellinger in 2012, looking to evolve the sound of his music. After one year with his next project Bison Island, it became crystal clear that his heart was not committed to driving the success of a new band. His true calling was to record his second solo album.

As fate would have it, Bishop discovered veteran producer Liv Khalsa (Liv & Let Liv), owner of Invincible Recordings, by scanning the yellow pages. This fateful search led Bishop to the unique opportunity to collaborate with Liv on his sophomore album Illusion of Life, set to premier Spring 2014 under the Invincible Recordings label.

Bishop's vast creativity inspired him to compose and play each sound and sing every vocal heard on the record. The album is a reflection of the human experience, drawing an infinite perspective on what we call "life." For Bishop Diamond, the creativity found in recording unique and catchy songs is the highest order where good music becomes the very essence of life.