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You are the peace that you want to see in the world.

Breathe for Peace: The Sound of Oneness
    Breathe for Peace: The Sound of Oneness
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      Breathe for Peace: The Sound of Oneness  
      Artist: Daniel Hirtz

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    Breathe for Peace: The Sound of Oneness
    Length: 121:26 CD Price: $18.98
    Individual Songs
    1. Peace Now - Guided - 6:02 - Price: 1.29
    2. Dream For Peace - Guided - 6:04 - Price: 1.29
    3. Listening For Peace - Guided - 6:03 - Price: 1.29
    4. Forever Forgiving - Guided - 6:08 - Price: 1.29
    5. Energy for Peace - Guided - 6:03 - Price: 1.29
    6. Celebrating Peace - Guided - 6:04 - Price: 1.29
    7. Compassion - Guided - 6:02 - Price: 1.29
    8. Giving Life - Guided - 6:01 - Price: 1.29
    9. Gratitude - Guided - 6:01 - Price: 1.29
    10. Oneness - Instrumental - 5:59 - Price: 1.29
    11. Peace Now - Instrumental - 6:00 - Price: 1.29
    12. Dream For Peace - Instrumental - 6:01 - Price: 1.29
    13. Listening For Peace -- Instrumental - 6:01 - Price: 1.29
    14. Forever Forgiving - Instrumental - 6:06 - Price: 1.29
    15. Energy for Peace - Instrumental - 6:02 - Price: 1.29
    16. Celebrating Peace - Instrumental - 6:01 - Price: 1.29
    17. Compassion - Instrumental - 6:01 - Price: 1.29
    18. Giving Life - Instrumental - 6:01 - Price: 1.29
    19. Gratitude - Instrumental - 6:01 - Price: 1.29
    20. Oneness - Instrumental - 5:59 - Price: 1.29

    The first album to feature the sounds of over 200 peoples breathes used as musical instruments for peace, harmony, energy and awareness. Just listening to the sound of people breathing together can create a special effect that touches us deeply. If you breathe along please remember to take it easy. When you follow the guided instructions or just intuitively breathe along do as much as you are comfortable with. Never push yourself. Breathe at your own pace taking breaks if necessary.

    Those who Breaths are Featured: Aaron Royer Adam Burke Alan Di Perna Amy Zak Urban Ananymous Angelika Zgainer Anika Jochai Anna “Shayna” Venice AnnMarie Mahoney Anthony Mark Anu Lori Lesch Arabella Diamondidis Arlene Morningstar Barbara Ruisz Basia Szpak Borst Bela Fidel Benjamin Hirtz Bernhard Endrich Bill Gluth BJ Peters Bob Bloom Brad Holcomb Brandin Scott Branko Golombos Brigitte Simpson Bruno “Benn” Jaremko Carina Schenk Carol Briskin Carrie Goelitz Chris Beall Chris Power Christi Cielens Christian Rakos Christina Smith Christine Dove Christopher Dammer Claire Gartside Claudia Heschl Claudio Lind Colleen O’Donnell Danny Callen David Endrich David Fowler David Hartlerode David M David Reiners David Samuel Larkin David Speed Ream Dirk Becker Dorko Alic Ed Powers Elisabeth Bock Elisabeth Bundies Emil Raidl Eric Sylvester Eric Zang Eva Wadiasch Felix Ruisz Forrest Shire Frank Hirtz Franz Deuringer Franz Schmuck Frieke Karlovits Gal Drimmer Gayle Danner Gemma Bulos Gene Urban Gila Shire Greg Campbell Greg Roberts Grega Bajc Gregory Louis Brown Günter Göstl Günter Griebl Gwynne H. Reese Hannelore Nweke Hans Ruisz Howard Chait Howard Lim Ian Fauerbach Ilse Kloiber Ingrid Hirtz Irene Sprenkeling Iztok Ostan Jak Keyser James Broscheid James E. Burk Janice Hall Jasmina Klopcic Jeannie Zandi Jerry Miars Jerry Thelen Jesper Reib Jessica Tartaro Jim Leonard Jobie Summer John Drury John Mahoney Jon Ward Jorge Rodriguez Eagar Jörn Kampermann Jutta Kindler Karin Fazakas Karl Heschl Karla Roberts Kate Mark Kathy Deihl Katrin Klink Kristi Dee Doden Kristopher Rein Krylyn Peters Laila Hirtz Laura Fazakas Laura Merrill Leandro Soto Leland Damner Leonard Orr Leonie Rosenberg Lily Gallo Linda Seligman Lisa Mize Lisa Rakos Liza Callen Louise Cathcart Lucila James Lynne Ericksson Magdalena Zogg Maike Wessel Marco Endrich Maria Kürer Marianna Hartsong Marianne Epprecht Marjan Breznikar Mark McFeely Marshall B. Rosenberg Marshall Berg Martha Gumhold Martha Miehle Mary Mackenzie Matjaz Vidrih Matt Packard Max Nussbaum Maya Hotz Melanie Nuccio Mellissa Taylor Roberts Merrill Stanton Michael Alexander Michael Moore Michael O’Boyle Michelle Gluth Mira Hirtz Mukee Okan Nadine Fauerbach Nancy Grace Naomi Berg Nikolas Diamondidis Ocean Bocock Otis R. Ingram Pablo Hirtz Pamela Dammer Pamela Stewart Paul Jozef Peter Fried Peter Oberländer Peter Rosenberg Peter Ruisz Peter Thomas Petra Timosenko Reinier Borst Renate Ellsworth Renate Hauser Renate Loew Renee Morgan Brooks Rich Lehman Rich Zito Richard Lamm Richard Lockwood Richard Solomon Richard Starling Rick Rigdon Robert Mize Robin Di Perna Roger Maier Romana Endrich Ron Kaczor Ruth Joy Sabrina Gallo Sara Lucas Sarah Shirley Berg Scott Castillo Scott Torpey Shakiara Kitchen Shanan Capes Shawn Greer Siegfried Kehr Silvana Griebl Sri Sridharan Stanley Fidel Stephanie Dammer Stephen James Stephenie Roussard Steven Crawford Sumr Krueger Talisa Otto Terri Mansfield Theresa McGoff Thomas Erath Thomas Hirtz Thomas Kloiber Thomas Krummenacker Tim Patterson Tobias Ruisz Torsten Schenk Tushar Ray Usch Hirtz Victoria McEvoy William Rowland Yisrael ben Arye Ywonn Sulser Zipporah Stein

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    Breathe for Peace “Peace Now” by Daniel Hirtz Video

    Breathe for Peace “Dream For Peace” by Daniel Hirtz Video

    Breathe for Peace “Listening For Peace” by Daniel Hirtz Video

    Breathe for Peace “Forever Forgiving” by Daniel Hirtz Video
    Breathe for Peace “Energy for Peace” by Daniel Hirtz Video
    Breathe for Peace “Celebrating Peace” by Daniel Hirtz Video
    Breathe for Peace “Compassion” by Daniel Hirtz Video
    Breathe for Peace “Giving Life” by Daniel Hirtz Video
    Breathe for Peace “Gratitude” by Daniel Hirtz Video
    Breathe for Peace “Oneness” by Daniel Hirtz Video
    “As a musician and master breathworker, I coach people on how to access and experience peace through their breath. The problem is that we don’t have too many real-world examples of it. The Breathe for Peace project is the realization of my dream to share breath and peace in an experiential way with people all over the world.” - Daniel Hirtz
    01 Peace Now - Guided

    Breathing for peace is world peace in action right now. You are the peace that you want to see in the world. Like the rainmaker feels the rain before even the clouds arrive, you feel the world already at peace.

    Inhale and exhale through the mouth like an ongoing sigh. There is a lot of intentionality in this breath. It is like a living affirmation. Any time we use the mouth for breathing it means that we do something exceptional since the nose is our main breathing organ. Using the mouth is therefore an expression of that intentionality. The speed was chosen to truly generate an impact on our consciousness. You will find faster breathing patterns throughout the album and while that may seem counter intuitive in connection to peace it simply is an expression of actively breathing for peace. Faster breath allows us to process, to metabolize whatever comes up in us that stands between us and a peaceful world.

    02 Dream of Peace - Guided

    Visualize peace in our world. Imagine peace. Allow peace to be who you are. Vibrant peace filled with aliveness as your soul dances in bliss. Send the Dream of Peace with the wind to all corners of the world.

    Inhaling through the nose with desire. Exhaling through nose with a little push. The act of visualizing generally is experienced somewhat in the head space which goes better with the nose. A fine energy weaving together an image, a story that comes up for you when dreaming about peace. The speed is designed to match the intensity of such an endeavor.

    03 Listening for Peace - Giving of Empathy - Guided

    When we give others our peaceful listening and understanding, all of us will be heard while listening and healing.

    An unfiltered inhale through the mouth. An insightful exhale of acceptance through nose. This pattern is rather unusual. When do you ever breathe in through the mouth and exhale through the nose? You do it when you burn to respond to something somebody said but while you are getting ready for your expression the other person says something that makes you stop and reconsider in an exhale through the nose. It points out that true listening is not just a passive waiting for your turn but an active, generous act reflected in an unfiltered inhale (unfiltered listening) and an exhale through the nose to make sure you get what was said.

    04 Forever Forgiving - Guided

    I forgive others and myself completely and forever. What has been given to the fire cannot be brought back. Together we transform our pain through the great eternal fire of forgiveness.

    A quick rhythm of inhaling and exhaling through the mouth, like some of you know as fire breath. Imagine you blow into the fire of forgiveness to make it burn bright and hot. This is the fastest of the breathing patterns. It turns on our full metabolic fire power which I think is needed for true forgiveness. This again points to the fact that forgiving is a very active form of peace making and requires more than just saying the words. True forgiving is like burning a log, you can never bring it back once it’s burned by the fire. When you commit that which you want to forgive to your inner fire you process it so completely that it will never come back to haunt you.

    05 Energy for Peace - Guided

    We can often associate peace with quiet and not much happening. In reality we need a lot of energy to create peace and work through all that comes up in us against it. The more we tune into peace the more we can realize that peace is being in touch with what life really is. Peace is beautiful, dancing and alive energy flowing freely in all realms of life.

    Just try it and you will notice quickly how an energetic inhale through the nose and a let go of the exhale through an open mouth gets the whole body buzzing with this beautiful energy at the core of all life.

    Inhale through the nose and exhaling through the open mouth with an energetic expression.

    06 Celebrating Peace - Guided

    Peace is a blast, peace is a celebration, and peace is bliss. Our celebration makes peace the better choice. Let the celebration of life begin.

    Inhale and exhale through the mouth in a playful, ecstatic way. Feel free to improvise. Pretty self‐explanatory right? Playing with your breath is not what we are used to but when you do you will feel how liberating and fun it is.

    07 Compassion - Guided

    Breathe the joy of giving. When I give to you I receive you. We are building the experience of oneness. Inhaling and exhaling through the nose in an insightful way that expresses your willingness to feel whatever comes up. Compassion is not pity but the recognition that the pain and suffering in others is our pain and suffering as well. We feel the pain of others as our pain and breathe into that with all our sincerity. The rhythm is slower and allows us to stream the breath through the emotions embracing our shared humanity.

    08 Giving Life - Guided

    Wherever you go give what's alive in you. Every living thing is breathing in your breath. The smooth breath of life.

    Inhaling through the nose or the mouth like you are drawing in the most precious elixir of life and exhaling through the mouth in this very special, tender, giving way. It’s said that God breathed life into the clay. Imagine you having the power to give life. Slowly you draw in your own divinity and spend it all in a slow exhale that that you send into every corner of humanity and all of creation. This is the slowest rhythm so that you are able to experience the sense of flow in your breath as the mysterious connector of our inner and outer world.

    09 Gratitude - Guided

    Let gratitude arise in your heart. You are peaceful here and now. Inhaling and exhaling through the nose in a slow relaxing way. Gratitude is at the core of our existence. It flows through our being as the river of the living energy. While breathing through your nose you feel that river flowing through your heart, opening it up to ever greater perception of the gift of being alive in all its forms and all expressions.

    10 Oneness - Guided

    There is you, there is me, there is only one of us. We are the one in the many - The Oneness Choir. Sing your oneness out. Oneness can be expressed through uniqueness into the manifested universe.
    Percussion, Didgeridoo, Rav Drum, Auto Harp, Bansuri, and Speaking by Daniel Hirtz Chanting by Liv Singh Khalsa Peace Now: Didegridoo and Synths by Dashmesh Khalsa Tibetan Bowls by Hamid Jabbar Mixed and Mastered by Liv Singh Khalsa Graphic by Daniel Hirtz and Liv Singh Khalsa
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