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Brian Caldwell - Nerosound

Brian Caldwell - Nerosound

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Creativity Generator
Creativity Generator Brian Caldwell - Nerosound
Energy Ecstasy
Energy Ecstasy Brian Caldwell - Nerosound
Harmonic Brainwave Synergy
Harmonic Brainwave Synergy Brian Caldwell - Nerosound
Brian Caldwell - Creativiy Generator - Nerosound Video.

Our body has over 72,000 nerves that send energy which shapes us physically, emotionally and mentally. Sound that is complex in harmonics such as our Metasonics CDs as well as traditional gong meditations can stimulate the glandular system. These vibrations move the cells in our body to release blockages, and the subconscious mind is washed with waves of complex harmonics which are said to release fear, anger, and memories that are trapped in the layers of the mind, resulting in stress release, awareness and relaxation.