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Crimson Collection Volume 1 and 2 CD
    Crimson Collection Volume 1 and 2 CD
    Purchase Crimson Collection Volume 1 and 2 CD

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      Crimson Collection Volume 1 and 2 CD  
      Artist: Singh Kaur

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    Crimson Collection Volume 1 and 2 CD
    Length: CD Price: $18.98

    Vol. 1 Guru Ram Das by Singh Kaur (For Protection)

    The chant Guru Ram Das has the power to induce a healing state of consciousness. In the ancient scriptures, it is said to strengthen the connection with the inner spirit and to develop a sense of purpose and guidance. The majestic orchestral quality of this album includes French horns and plucked strings underlying the rich vocals and Celtic harp. This is the most instrumentally rich of the Crimson Collection.

    Vol. 2 Mool Mantra by Singh Kaur (For Personal Growth)

    This is a "root" sound current. Repeating this mantra eradicates tensions and conflict and gives you spiritual and material progress. The musical setting of this album is stately, baroque, rich with oboes and flutes, gently drawing you upward toward your goals. Its serene passages have a lullaby-like quality you can also share with your children.

    Bonus Tracks
    Song Name Time Price
    1. Guru Ram Das Bonus Length Track 1:16:58 $6.98
    2. Mool Mantra Bonus Track 1:07:54 $6.98  

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