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Crimson Collection Volume 3 CD
    Crimson Collection Volume 3 CD
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      Crimson Collection Volume 3 CD  
      Artist: Singh Kaur

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    Crimson Collection Volume 3 CD
    Length: CD Price: $18.98

    Sat Nam Wahe Guru stands out as a joyous celebration of the self. Multiple overlapping vocal lines are interwoven with lively percussion and harp to create this powerful healing sound chant which stays with you throughout an active day.

    In ancient scriptures it is said to have the power to open the heart and develop intuition and spirit. It has three stages. Initial repetition of "Sat Nam" is the cycle of life, where in the midst of great activity you remember the true nature of who you are. Then the "Wahe Guru" is repeated which penetrates the heart center and opens intuition. The last stage is the slowly repeated "Wahe Guru" that consolidates the inner sense of dwelling within your spirit.

    Play videos featuring music from The Crimson Series and Wings of Love by Singh Kaur.

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