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Crimson Collection Volume 4 and 5 CD
    Crimson Collection Volume 4 and 5 CD
    Purchase Crimson Collection Volume 4 and 5 CD

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      Crimson Collection Volume 4 and 5 CD  
      Artist: Singh Kaur

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    Crimson Collection Volume 4 and 5 CD
    Length: CD Price: $18.98

    Vol. 4 Har Har Gobinde Mukande by Singh Kaur (For Power) Meditate deeply on this ancient healing celestial song chant to awaken your victorious personality. It is written that this sound current will give the experience of living from a carefree perspective which is the liberated soul. It can stimulate the capacity for commitment and courage, turning challenges into opportunities. The nobility of the music with its deep percussion builds around an echoing vocal line in an arrangement of old Italian melodies.

    Vol. 5 Mender of Hearts by Singh Kaur (For Love) This love song to the Infinite, the mender of hearts, has the ability to heal the heart and re-awaken your joy and enthusiasm for life. This is a love song in the purest sense: a love song to the infinite within each of us and the infinite that unites us all, the one who is "the mender of all hearts, the mender of the wounds of life...the sustainer of all." The intricate and beautiful melody of the Celtic harp blending with Singh Kaur's soothing crystal-clear voice will touch your soul.

    Bonus Tracks
    Song Name Time Price
    1. Har Har Mukande Bonus Length 60:59 $6.98
    2. Har Har Gobinde Mukande Bonus Length 62:01 $6.98
    3. Mender of Hearts Bonus 63:36 $6.98

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