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Dito Na Tayo - Be Here Now Single
    Dito Na Tayo - Be Here Now Single
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      Dito Na Tayo - Be Here Now Single  
      Artist: Tesz

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    Individual Songs
    1. Dito Na Tayo (Be Here Now)

    “Dito Na Tayo (Be Here Now)” is the Tagalog translation of the title song from the new yoga music album by TESZ, Be Here Now.

    Inspired by the book “Be Here Now” by Ram Dass, the original song lyrics were written in English by music producer Liv Singh Khalsa. Tesz later asked her father to help with the Tagalog translation of the song. The melody was created by Garrison Jones and Tesz in collaboration with Liv Singh Khalsa.

    Artist Statement:

    “This work of art is an homage to the duality that lives within many Filipinos-Americans. While I can’t speak for everyone, I know there is often a feeling of being pulled in opposing directions, longing for an intrinsic sense of belonging to the culture of the Philippines while harboring the desire to connect deeply to an American way of life.

    How can we embrace one without leaving the other behind? This question is ever present. Always lingering.

    Never quite feeling like I fully belong to either, but desperately wanting to. It is a beautiful struggle. One I gladly take on every day of my existence. Today, I share this most intimate part of my soul with you.”

    ~ Tesz

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    Official music video by TESZ performing “Dito Na Tayo (Be Here Now).

    As a creative vocal artist, I believe in creating music that celebrates our intrinsic connection to each other. I am grateful to be with you through this music and all it manifests. May these creations connect us and inspire the richness of life in us all. Come visit me at:
    Vocals by Tesz Millan
    Background vocals by Liv Singh Khalsa
    Keyboards including synth bass by Garrison Jones
    Electronic drums, Production, Arrangements and Engineering by Liv Singh Khalsa
    Song composed by Liv Singh Khalsa and Tesz Millan
    Recorded mixed and mastered at Invincible Recording
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