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Feel the Divine Woman Princess within and without.

Divine Woman - On Sale!
    Divine Woman - On Sale!
    1) 1) Is Divine Woman Artwork Available with the Download?
    Yes! A PDF CD Booklet comes with each Divine Woman Album Download containing lyrics and meditations of the beautiful songs and mantras contained in this recording.
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      Divine Woman - On Sale!  
      Artist: Hari Bhajan Kaur

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    Divine Woman - On Sale!
    Length: 69:37 CD Price: $11.98
    Individual Songs
    1. God Made Me a Woman (Security) - 5:43 - Price: 1.29
    2. Manai Surat (Deep Intuition) - 11:09 - Price: 2.60
    3. I Am Divine (Protection) - 8:21 - Price: 1.29
    4. Eka Maee (Saintly Wisdom) - 11:59 - Price: 2.60
    5. Bhandh Jamee-ai (Heals the Feminine) - 5:41 - Price: 1.29
    6. I Am Grace of God (Noble Beauty) - 7:48 - Price: 1.29
    7. Adi Shakti (Invokes Divine Feminine) - 11:23 - Price: 2.60
    8. Jit Mukh Sadaa (Conscious Speech) - 7:15 - Price: 1.29

    Music to develop a deep reverence with the Divine Woman within and without. Divine Woman offers experiences of profound peace, immersing you in ancient sounds of mantra/affirmations to awaken and heal the Divine Feminine within. With a mesmerizing voice and invigorating world tones, Hari Bhajan Kaur's Divine Woman is a true gem. - Album Fundraiser in progress!

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    Hari Bhajan Kaur shares her unique voice traveling around the world, with her husband on the guitar, while participating in international events in her hometown in New Mexico, USA. She blends ancient sounds from the East & West, singing Kirtan from the Sikh tradition with a healing effect on the listener. Growing up was a world-fusion experience, traveling between India for boarding school at GRD Academy and Miri Piri Academy and coming home to New Mexico, USA for the summers.

    Most recently, a powerful album Divine Woman is being released on June 21st, 2015. This album beautifully embellishes mantras, sacred affirmations and songs to awaken the Divine Feminine within all. The music in the album flavors melodic, table filled, acoustic resounding, rhythmic and meditative songs. Based on donations world-wide, it will be her first solo album featuring her voice and offering funding for her future albums lined up to record.

    Siri Chand Singh Khalsa, Mexico, is a key part of Hari Bhajan Kaur's music. They create beautiful, deeply meditative, devotionally moving music together with his incredible talent for guitar among other instruments. Their coming together to create music became an obvious, natural marriage creating healing for the world to enjoy.

    Hari Bhajan Kaur's experience spans back nearly 30 years, having studied with Ustadji Narinder Singh Sandhu in Amritsar, India & summer courses in New Mexico, USA, Bhai Avtar Singh & Bhai Kultar Singh in New Mexico, USA, Professor Surinder Singh in Detroit, Michigan, USA, Bibi Jasbir Kaur, Panjabi University in Patiala, India, Bhai Baldev Singh in New Mexico, USA, Globe Institute Sound Healing live-online certification, San Francisco, CA, USA.

    Many events over the years have appreciated her musical contributions, including Summer Solstice Sadhanas, NM, USA, German Yoga Festival, Swedish Yoga Festival, Smagam in CA, USA, Smagam in Mexico, China Yoga Festival concert July 2015, China Women's Camp August 2015, Gratitude Concert November 2015. She participated in the first ever Spirit Voyage Idol contest in 2009. Hari Bhajan Kaur also performed with Snatam Kaur in 2005 in Malaysia, Vancouver Canada, and at the Golden Bridge groundbreaking concert in CA, USA. Later she performed with Bhai Harjinder Singh while he was visiting New Mexico, USA.

    Coming Soon - On June 23rd, an evening of Kirtan can be enjoyed at the International Festival of Summer Solstice Sadhana in New Mexico! On July 29th China get ready for a musical concert at the Yoga Festival in Beijing. Again on August 3rd, more music and sharing will happen at the China Women's Camp in Beijing! Look out New Mexico, for the Gratitude Concert coming up in November 2015. You can purchase the new CDs and downloads of Divine Woman, available for sale in the Bazaar at each of these events!
    Divine Woman is inspired by deep compassion for all the women I keep meeting who could benefit so much from these simple words for the soul. Also, Yogi Bhajan, my spiritual teacher, has been a constant inspiration for me with his teachings for women. My experience with the teachings and reciting these words throughout the years, experiencing their depth and subtlety, inspires me to sing them daily myself. They have been an amazing anchor (asset, help) in my life. It is my prayer that they can help everyone who listens to them in realizing their vast, divine, sacred, noble power within.
    Hari Bhajan Kaur Khalsa - Vocals, Synthesizer, Percussion
    Siri Chand Singh Khalsa - Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Slide Flute, Percussion, Teponaztli
    Sat Gurumukh Khalsa - Tabla
    Mike King - Fretless Bass
    Ken Basman - Rhythm Guitar, Bass, Huchuetl
    Rick Shlosser - Percussion
    Sanatana Ken Bichel - Synthesizer
    Donny Silverman - Flute
    Jon Gagan - Percussion
    Hari Dharam Kaur Khalsa - Backup Vocals
    Sarab Sarsawati Kaur Khalsa - Piano & Backup Vocals
    Awtar Kaur Khalsa - Backup Vocals
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