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Hypnotic didjeridu is combined with electronically sampled sounds of real or found percussion instruments.

Earth Dreaming Dance
    Earth Dreaming Dance
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      Earth Dreaming Dance  
      Artist: Tom Wasinger with James Harvey

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    Individual Songs
    1. Papang - 3:11 - Price: $1.20
    2. Earth Dreaming Dance - 20:47 - Price: $4.50
    3. Dingoman - 21:42 - Price: $4.50
    4. Papang Reprise - 5:30 - Price: $1.20

    The didjeridu (also spelled dijeridoo) is one of the most ancient and trance-inducing of all musical instruments. Fashioned from a hollowed-out branch of the eucalyptus tree, it has been used for millenia by the Aborigines of northern Australia in their sacred ceremonies. On Earth Dreaming Dance the hypnotic modulated drone of the didjeridu is combined with a whole raft of electronically sampled sounds, mainly various real or found percussion instruments.

    The opening piece, "Papang" (reprised at the end of the album), uses the continuous rolling rhythm of the didjeridu as a backdrop for mysterious clanking gongs and a sliding bamboo flute sounds. On the 21-minute title track the didjeridu comes to the forefront with James Harvey's energetic voicings offsetting Tom Wasinger's simple hand drum and click stick rhythm, while, on the equally lengthy "Dingoman," his on-again-off-again didjeridu and dog-man vocalizing rides on a clip-clop hand drum rhythm, accented by metallic synthesizer chords.

    James Harvey, an American musician who lives in Australia and is absorbed in an in-depth study of Aboriginal culture, has, with the help of keyboardist Tom Wasinger, produced a trancelike album of primal sounds solidly rooted in the strangely beguiling magic of the didjeridu.

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    Tom Wasinger is an American audio engineer, record producer, and multi-instrumentalist based out of Boulder, Colorado, United States. He is most well known for his production work in indigenous music of North America, winning three Grammy awards and multiple independent awards for “Best Native American Music Album. Tom builds experimental musical instruments out of resonating stone, and is the founder of “The Lost Angel Stone Ensemble”, the world's only touring ensemble that performs with stone instruments.
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