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Enchantment Complete CD
    Enchantment Complete CD
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      Enchantment Complete CD  
      Artist: Ambika Devi (Amy Ford)

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    Enchantment Complete CD
    Length: CD Price: $18.98

    Open the door into a deep and rich world, initiating the listener into a journey of spiritual empowerment and transcendence.

    Enchantment can be used as a means to boost energy and give healing to the entirety of our beings. Some of the sacred mantras in this album are closer to the way I first heard them sung by my beloved teachers. Others began as written words, passed on to me through friends or discovered in my reading. These mantras transformed in my consciousness and morphed into song through divine inspiration.

    The stories and mythologies of many cultures fuel my creative endeavors. To the gods and goddesses of these pantheons, I give my heartfelt thanks and am forever devoted. It is through the blending of cultures and integrating of many styles of music that I wish to bring peace and acceptance to all nations of this planet. I pray that this music enlightens consciousness through the weaving of boundaries and the blending of cultures. My belief is that when we taste the food of another culture, sing words from their language and dance to their rhythms, we are able to let go of preconceived ideas and fully embrace them in love. May this music bring you joy and put a wide smile upon your face. May the beat of the drums move through you and inspire you to dance. May the blending of these musical flavors bring a sweet taste to your psyche and greater awareness and acceptance that we are all one tribe. OM, Ashe, Aho, Sat Nam! With Love and Peace, Enjoy! - Ambika Devi


    1. The Mahakala Mantra of Kalachakra / Tibet

    The Mahakala mantra honors Lord Shiva as the ruler of time and the master of destiny. Shiva has a reputation as destroyer of obstacles. He is believed to be able to alter the course of destiny. Chant this powerful mantra and you have the ability to transform all substances. You can magically slow down time and gain the powers of health, wealth, and wisdom. This is achieved through devotion, ritual and chanting the Mahakala mantra over water. Drink it in and hasten both personal and planetary evolution. Let us chant the Mahakala mantra together.

    2. White Tara / Tibet

    White Tara is the mother of all Tara energy and is seen as the feminine manifestation of the Buddha. She is the mother of liberation. Her color white represents all the colors of the rainbow. She has seven eyes. Two in the face, one is in each palm of the hands, one on each sole of the feet and a wide-open third eye. From White Tara sprung all of the other Taras in their rainbow colors.
    This sacred mantra was spoken softly to me by ZaChoeje Rinpoche just one time. I wrote it out, repeated it back and vowed to do right by him. It is with deep gratitude that I share this mantra with you. Ask Tara your most heartfelt wishes and she will guide you to find them. Chant to White Tara and live a long, healthy life full of serenity.

    3. Elegua / West Africa

    Elegua comes from the West African Diaspora. He is a messenger able to cross boundaries and is also known as Hermes, Mercury, Thoth and Kokopeli. This trickster is the keeper of gates and crossroads. In Bembe celebrations he is the one who is sung to first as he opens the door and removes obstacles for us, much like Ganesha in the Hindu tradition. To vex him is to ask for trouble. I am smarter than that, having known him as a teacher for many years! Ashe Elegua!

    4. Fire and Water / Original in the Native American Spirit

    This is the only chant in this collection for which I am responsible for the words and music. My shaman friend Serge Runningwolf Martel suggested adding the names of Mother Earth: Wakan Tonka and Father Sky: Tunkashila from his native language. When I did he smiled and chuckled, “Yes, now that sounds good!” I offer this chant to all beings of the Earth. I dedicate the soothing sounds of this chant to the spirit of Serge who has since passed on to the next dimension. May the sweetness and gentleness of this chant comfort you and take you to a peaceful place.

    5. Om Namah Shivaya / India

    My second chant to Shiva. This mantra is a way to say “I honor the divine essence” by literally saying “In your name Shiva.” I prayed to find a unique way of singing this mantra by meditating in front of a beautiful painting I have of Lord Shiva each day. One morning when I came out of the meditation, I picked up my electric guitar and asked out loud “So Shiva, what does your song sound like?” What he sang to me is this version of his honoring. Sing praises to Shiva with me and experience the glorious vibration of his divine name!

    6. Great Spirit / The Americas

    I use this very sacred chant to Great Spirit to attune seekers to Reiki energy. I sing it in sweat lodges and chant it over large groups of people for chakra balancing. Together we glide easily into deep meditation on its profoundly soothing sound. Here I sing it through seven times to honor each of the seven main chakras and the seven horses which draw the chariot of Surya the Sun deity across the sky each day. I sing it seven times to honor the seven directions, the seven eyes of the White Tara and the seven stars of the Pleiades. May Great Spirit come to you when you chant this and bring you peace and deep healing.

    7. Sat Kriya / Kundalini Yoga and Sufi

    My friend Stephanie handed me a tiny piece of paper folded in half with this mantra on it. She said “Maybe you will sing it and make it into a chant.” In a very short time I began to sing this melody. Months later I was invited to play and chant for a yoga class. The teacher had the students perform an exercise called Sat Kria which uses the chant Sat Nam for energizing the whole body and raising the Kundalini. I spontaneously began to chant and play the melody over top. The structure of this chant formed itself on the pranayama exercises practiced by the yogis that day. Sat Nam is a mantra most commonly used in Kundalini Yoga. It is frequently spoken as a greeting among Sikhs similar to the use of Namaste in India. Sat Nam symbolizes truth as the divine energy. It is said to mean perfect truth and creates a knowing of one’s identity. In Sanskrit Sat Nam literally means a bowing to that which truly exists. Honor yourself and all beings as you bow to their magnificent energy while chanting this potent mantra.

    Ambika Devi: Lead Vocals, Congas, Djembe, Dumbek & Percussion.
    Liv Khalsa: Keyboards, Drum Loops, Recording & Mixing.
    Yonatan Miller: Violin, Recorder, Clarinet.
    Dashmesh Singh: Didgeridoo.
    Brent Scherer: Electric Guitar.
    Ric Flauding: Electric Guitar.
    Stan Sorenson: Sitar Guitar.
    Dheeraj Shrestha: Tabla.
    Mike King: Electric Bass.
    Tim Lyddon: Acoustic Piano: Elegua, Keyboards: Fire and Water.
    Backup Vocals: Paul Richards, Sat Kartar, Livtar Singh & Reva Alaila.

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