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      Artist: Dev Suroop Kaur

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      Format: Eco-Pack Hard Cover with Shrink Wrap

      SKU: CDANA7285

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    Length: 58:23:00 (320kbs) Price: $11.98
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    1. From One Vibration - 9:21 - Price: $1.29
    2. Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo - 11:46 - Price: $2.6
    3. Ardaas Bhaee - 7:42 - Price: $1.29
    4. Guru Guru Wahe Guru A Cappella - 5:37 - Price: $1.29
    5. Sat Naam - 7:08 - Price: $1.29
    6. Sat Narayan Wahe Guru - 8:49 - Price: $1.29
    7. On This Day / Long Time Sun - 4:08 - Price: $1.29
    8. Peace To All - 3:34 - Price: $1.29

    A musical mantra journey of simplicity and purity.

    For many years, a group of us would chant at the Santa Fe Community Yoga Center on the last Friday of every month. Also, for the last five years of Yogi Bhajan's life, I would either lead the chanting before his twice weekly classes in Espanola or arrange for someone else to make sure it happened. Created in 2012, this album includes many of those kundalini yoga chants that I have been chanting since the mid-1990s in Santa Fe and before Yogi Bhajan's classes. as well as countless concerts, Naad Yoga classes, and events. Finally recorded for you in Santa Fe with the esteemed Jon Gagan at the engineering helm! Simple and soothing vocals with violin, fretless bass, acoustic guitar, cittern, and percussion.

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    Liv Singh Khalsa & Dev Suroop Kaur - Mool Mantra Video

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    Dev Suroop Kaur delights in sharing the pure practicality of nurturing a successful and deeply authentic life. An accomplished musician, recording artist, and Lead Trainer in the Kundalini Research Institute (KRI) Aquarian Trainer Academy, Dev Suroop Kaur strives to break it down, keep it real, and guide students to their own empowered authenticity. Or put another way, "An electric fusion of cosmic insight and earth mother humility. Directly wired into the deepest currents of musical soulfulness and yet can't stop giggling about the wonder of it all."

    Liv Singh was born in Osseo, Minnesota. His first music teacher was his grandfather. Liv started playing trumpet when he was 13 years old. When he was 15, he recorded a new age album for friends and family. Liv began practicing meditation in 1972 and at the same year, he started his own record company which became one of the oldest and most successful new age recording companies. Later on, Liv Singh teamed with Livtar Singh and launched an album Liv & Let Liv. After the success of the album, Liv and Livtar Singh Khalsa became a part of a spiritual brotherhood and practiced Kundalini Yoga, chanting and meditation. Liv Singh played guitar and had a huge influences in Sixties rock music.
    1. From One Vibration
    2. Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo
    3. Ardaas Bhaee
    4. Guru Guru Wahe Guru A Cappella
    5. Sat Naam
    6. Sat Narayan Wahe Guru
    7. On This Day / Long Time Sun
    8. Peace To All
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