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Antion Vikram's voice and deep-felt spiritual heart shines right on through every song. His beautifully melodic focus makes for albums that shimmers with the magical energies of the universe.

Evening Raga
    Evening Raga
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      Evening Raga  
      Artist: Antion Vikram Singh

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    Evening Raga
    Length: 56:20:00 CD Price: $18.98
    Individual Songs
    1. Baabaa Bikh Daykheeaa - 8:33 - Price: $1.29
    2. Morai Hirdai Basoh Gopaal - 15:10 - Price: $3.60
    3. Thir Ghar Baisoh - 10:18 - Price: $2.60
    4. Dhan So Vaylaa Jit - 12:50 - Price: $2.60
    5. Gaaeeai Raat Dinant Gaavan - 9:29 - Price: $1.29

    Since 1970, Antion has delved deep into the sacred teachings of sound. His original interest in the Hindu traditions of Mantra and Shastriya Sangeet (Indian
    Classical music), led him into the Sacred Writings of the Sikhs (Gurbani). The Sikh scriptural treatise, known as Siri Guru Granth Sahib, is perhaps the most powerful explanation ever written about the use of sound and voice to reach the Divine, explaining Naam (the Name of the Divine), simran (repetition of the Divine Name, using the voice, the mind, the soul and the cells of the body) and shabad (the Divine Word manifest as Gurbani as well as the spiritual force that is Guru). The teachings are hidden deep within the sacred poetry in which these sublime scriptures are written.

    Antion became an expert in interpreting the Sacred Music of the Sikhs (Gurbani Kirtan) and has traveled all over the world to sing in Sikh Temples (Gurdwaras). In 1979, he became the first non-Indian to lead the kirtan in the Harimandir Sahib (the Golden Temple), the most sacred shrine of the Sikhs in Amritsar, India.

    In 1993, Antion moved to Hawaii to study sacred Hawaiian music (mele) and chant (oli). His studies with some of the leading teachers of Hawaiian culture today, brought him to a deeper understanding of how the voice can create the power of Aloha (ongoing, living love) and he became expert in Hawaiian music and chant. Antion brings his enormous experience and talent to the teaching of Naad Yoga, in a workshop entitled "The Sacred Voice".

    Antion Vikram Singh also gives private sessions in Vocal Empowerment and 5th Chakra Healing. The effect and experience of vocal empowerment is that which we all seek; your whole being, body and soul, comes into alignment with your life purpose and helps you to fulfill your destiny.

    1. Baabaa Bikh Daykheeaa, A.K. page 727 - 2. Morai Hirdai Basoh Gopaal, A.K. page 72 - 3. Thir Ghar Baisoh, A.K. page 199 - 4. Dhan So Vaylaa Jit, A.K. page 559 - 5. Gaaeeai Raat Dinant Gaavan, A.K. page 826

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    Former rock-star Antion Vikram Singh left Eric Burdon and the Animals nearly 30 years ago to pursue a spiritual practice that led him to study and then perform sacred Indian music in Sikh temples throughout the world. He was introduced, by chance, to Hawaiian music and has now succeeded in working it into his eclectic repertoire. And somewhere, is a vision that brings it all together in a sound as uniquely his own as the inner yearnings that guide him. Before he joined the Animals, the London-born guitarist played with entertainers like Rod Stewart and Dusty Springfield. Jimi Hendrix, who once named him as one of his three favorite musicians, alongside idols Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck.

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