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Har Har Wahe Guru

Mantra: Har Har Wahe Guru

More Information:
Meaning: The Creator is bliss, Great is the Teacher.

This mantra brings healing and balance on a very personal and individual level as it works with our cellular structure and energy to create change and elevate the spirit. This mantra is not just for clearing energy, it is also for restoring a very important equilibrium in which we experience ourselves in our earthly human realm, and also in our spiritual heavenly realm. We live in both realms and are made up of elements from each.
‘Har’ has a very grounding vibration, and ‘Wahe Guru’ is expansive. Combining these two powerful words in this way balances the energies within us to create the experience of coming back into alignment with ourselves. We are at once here in the human world and also spiritual beings that exist beyond time and space. Remembering this, feeling it within our hearts, and vibrating it by chanting mantra helps us not only to balance ourselves but to let all that which does not support our highest being and ultimate truth to fall away. This mantra creates a balance between earth and ether, or the physical world and the spiritual realms. It restores equilibrium. Additionally, it also eliminates father/mother phobias and subconscious blocks from the past. It is practiced to clear past karma.


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