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Harmonic Brainwave Synergy CD
    Harmonic Brainwave Synergy CD
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      Harmonic Brainwave Synergy CD  
      Artist: Brian Caldwell

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    Harmonic Brainwave Synergy CD
    Length: CD Price: $18.98

    "Immensely pleasurable. The sound seems to spiral around my head, making every part of the brain vibrate. It is among the very best." - Resonance Journal.

    Harmonic Brainwave Synergy features spiraling multidimensional sound that activate the flow of in experience. Many report that listening enhances expanded awareness. "It's a quantum leap in brainwave entertainment of the most pleasurable audio experiences I know of. Get a copy and hear the future." - Zentech.

    Harmonic Brainwave Synergy, the Sound / Mind connection, combines applied research into the effect of sound on human consciousness with state of the art advances in psycho acoustic technology. As you listen, you may become aware of spiraling patterns. These are created by processing precisely phased sound waves through computer synthesized space/time modulation. This multidimensional matrix of sonic energy can harmonize and resonate with your own internal rhythmic processes. The resulting focused, relaxed state of mind facilitates harmonious body/mind integration and states of expanded awareness.

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