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Heal My World is an exquisitely crafted masterpiece with a unique mix of boys choir, Celtic and Native American music.

Heal My World
    Heal My World
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    Heal My World
    Length: 64:19:00 CD Price: $18.98
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    1. Heal My World - 64:18

    Over 10 years in the making! Heal My World is a 64 minute enchanted journey. Heal My World is an exquisitely crafted masterpiece with a unique mix of boys choir, Celtic and Native American music. The album is inspired by the sacred spiral healing walk and dance practiced for a thousand years by Pueblo people on the Summer Solstice in the mountains of New Mexico. Heal My World takes you on a magical sojourn for healing and joy.

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    Candace Garner | July 19th, 2016
    Sitting here, preparing for the Yoga Festival, time tight, pressure high, weather hot...I am listening for the first time to your CD "Heal my World" and everything changes - what truly wonderful music, what a great concept! Bless you, bless you, bless you, for having contributed this music, amongst all the others, to the world! Thank you for this uplifting wave that will make my day.
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    Combining the authentic traditions of the Celtic Harp with a dynamic flair for world rhythms and on-the-edge improvisation, Kim Robertson has stretched the boundaries of the harp. This daring redefinition of harp music is at its most vibrant in her concert appearances. Remarking on her greatest love, live performance, she says, "That's where the magic is...between the audience and the performer...that's when I truly express myself. Without that experience, I don't think I could make meaningful recordings. Not only can I see how people are responding, but I take more chances playing live."

    Kim Robertson's repertoire includes timeless Celtic melodies, classical, Renaissance and medieval works, and original compositions which, since the release of her 1991 album, Angels in Disguise, also feature her beautiful lyrics and vocals.

    Born and raised in Wisconsin, Kim Robertson began studying piano at age eight, continuing on into college as a piano major. I was in Kim Robertson's senior year of high school that Kim first began to learn the pedal or orchestral harp. "I was never a very good pedal harp student since I was not interested in a symphonic career. I found it fascinating only as a sideline."

    Kim Robertsons introduction to improvisation early on by a jazz pianist enlarged her musical vision, freeing her from the need for written music. This freedom influenced both her piano and classical harp training, building trust in her own creative instincts and allowing many future innovations in her style.

    In the mid-70's, Kim Robertson discovered the Celtic harp. This quickly evolved into a profound love for the instrument and set her upon the original path of exploration for which she is renowned. In 1979, she moved to the California coast where she was approached by Invincible Music.

    The first recording session turned into her debut recording Wind Shadows with producer Liv Singh Khalsa, a rich blend of old Irish melodies and original compositions whose success projected Kim Robertson onto the vanguard of the new acoustic scene.

    Kim Robertson's love affair with Celtic music has blossomed into a highly visible performing, recording, and teaching career. Her work encompasses 18 recording projects including Tender Shepherd, Love Song to a Planet, and her 1993 appearance on the Sugo harp anthology Harvest Moon. Kim Robertson has published nine volumes of harp arrangements and two instructional videos and pursues an international itinerary of concerts, workshops, and retreats. Through the prism of the Celtic harp, one of the world's oldest and most loved instruments, Kim Robertson has found and focused her artistic vision to create an intimate and universal chamber music of the heart.

    Liv Singh was born in Osseo, Minnesota. His first music teacher was his grandfather who taught him trumpet when he was 13 years old which he played in bands and orchestra in years to come. Liv began practicing meditation in 1972 and at the same year, he started his own record company which became one of the oldest and most successful "new age" recording companies. Liv is also Billboard Reviewed and Top 10 Charting, Grammy Nominated, 2 time NAMA Award Winner, Keyboard Magazine Album of the Year Winner producer & engineer for his collaboration with artists on the Invincible Recording label. Collaborations include: Wiz Khalifa, Bruce Walker (Dream Works Records), Bizzy Bone, Chris Ray, DMX (After Platinum Records), Snatam Kaur, Ken Mary with Alice Cooper and House of Lords (EMI), Michael Dunlap with the Commodores, Zakir Hussan of the Maha Vishnu Orchestra, Jim Scott with Paul Winter Consort, Antion Vikram with Eric Burdon & the Animals, Ron Feurer with Diana Ross and the Fifth Dimension, Steve Kujala with Chick Corea, Jordan Rudess with Dixie Dregs and Dream Theatre to name a few.

    Vocals - Phoenix Boys Choir & Theresa Coe
    Lyrics - Yogi Bhajan. Percussion & Navajo Chants - Tony Redhouse
    Native American Flute - Tony Duncan
    Celtic Harp - Kim Robertson
    Acoustic Guitars - Livtar Singh Khalsa, Ric Flauding
    Electric Guitars - Liv Singh Khalsa
    Fretless Bass - Jim Simmons
    Cymbals - Todd Shuba
    Boys Choir Conductor - Dr. Harvey K. Smith
    Arranged, Produced, Recorded & Mixed - Liv Singh Khalsa
    Co-Arranged - Livtar Singh Khalsa & Kim Robertson
    Vocal Arrangements - Liv Singh Khalsa & Kevin Stoller
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