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Mantra: Hey Amba

Complete Mantra:
Hey Amba Hey Amba Hey Amba Bol
Ishwara Sata Chita Ananda Bol
Sambasada Shiva Sambasada Shiva
Sambasada Shiva Bol
Parlaka Preraka Satya Pati Bol
Amba Amba Jai Jagadumba
Akhilandeshwari Jaya Jagadumba
Jagadambe Jai Jai Ma

Sing: Oh Mother, Lord, Existence,
Awareness, Bliss Absolute, Eternally
Auspicious One, Protector, Inspirer
and Lord of All Hail to Mother,
the Mother of the World; Hail to
the Mother of the entire Universe.

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