Illusion of Life

Illusion of Life

Artist: Bishop Diamond
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Length: 55:41 Price: $11.98

01. Tributary - 1:33 - Price: $1.29

02. Patterns are Beaming - 3:08 - Price: $1.29

03. Extensive Vamping - 4:30 - Price: $1.29

04. The Face Inside - 3:22 - Price: $1.29

05. Unconditioned Minds - 4:08 - Price: $1.29

06. Bilateral Symmetry - 5:02 - Price: $1.29

07. Soul Riding - 3:23 - Price: $1.29

08. Surprises - 3:00 - Price: $1.29

09. The Cause of Your Desire - :44 - Price: $1.29

10. Simpler Times - 2:17 - Price: $1.29

11. Crossing The Rubicon - 4:18 - Price: $1.29

12. Personal Relationship - 3:10 - Price: $1.29

13. Baby Bishop - 2:43 - Price: $1.29

14. Wraith - 2:12 - Price: $1.29

15. Stars Handed Down as Gifts - 3:34 - Price: $1.29

16. Purification - 3:56 - Price: $1.29

17. Who Do You Listen To? - 4:33 - Price: $1.29

Illusion of Life is the rhapsodic splashdown album debut by Invincible Recording newcomer Bishop Diamond. With its exhilarating infusion of electronic music, disco, eighties glam, and Motown, the dynamic 17-song LP invigorates a pop genre that has idled for decades. The melodies and instrumentation were artfully crafted to satisfy the most avid listeners of today’s trendy bubble gum tunes. Yet the album’s lyrical content weighs in as a candid reflection of our vast human experience, drawing infinite perspectives on the delicious eccentricities of life.

Bishop’s passion for creative expression inspired him to compose and play each sound and sing every vocal heard on the record. For the all-around musician and songwriter, the creativity found in coming up with unique and catchy songs is the highest order where life is defined by the pursuit of recording great music. With the guidance and partnership of veteran producer Liv Khalsa, Bishop dedicated six months without break to write the album and record the finished vocals and instrumentation at the Invincible Recording Music Studio in Phoenix, AZ. Many song sketches and ideas were first captured using Diamond’s old iPhone.

“Usually I'll get a really good melody in my head that comes from singing something really ridiculous or mundane,” explained Bishop. “I’ll talk to myself about a situation that got me mad or made me feel happy, and I’ll end up singing out loud. Usually it's just stupid, but sometimes I’ll sing something and it’s really cool. I’ll get my phone out and record it. Later, I go back and write the lyrics.”

Bishop first started recording his own music using an old Tascam cassette 4-track purchased as a gift by his father when he was just 19 years old. Bishop later taught himself to play the guitar and bass while making use of whatever items he found strewn about his home to design the sound and structure of his songs – boxes, glass bottles, water gallon jugs, and keys among others.

As fate would have it, Bishop discovered Invincible Recording while scanning the yellow pages website on his iPhone. This fateful search led Bishop to the unique opportunity to collaborate with Liv on Illusion of Life.

“Once I heard his songs, I knew Bishop had an incredible talent for songwriting that is rare in young musicians today,” shared Liv. “He is a natural artist when it comes to being a writer. Even vocal phrasing comes easily to him, which a lot of people struggle with.”

Bishop and Liv went into post-production in September 2013 to complete the final mixes and produce several music videos featuring songs from the album. The collaborative process inspired futuristic video imagery incorporating Diamond’s songs and signature dance moves. When describing the look and sound of the new album, both Liv and Bishop agree they pushed the envelope to create a highly unique work of art.

“We’re pretty renegade. We don’t follow the rules,” said LIv. “Most people that record an album purposely make the recording sound grungy or look like it was mass produced in a factory. We went the opposite direction. Everything was made to look and sound surreal. Super high-fi.”



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