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Inner Journey CD
    Inner Journey CD
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      Inner Journey CD  
      Artist: Yogi Amandeep Singh

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    Inner Journey CD
    Length: CD Price: $18.98

    Purchase the Pre-Release CD album "Inner Journey" and get the download today and the CD will be sent by June 3rd!


    While listening deeply to the voice, celtic harp, etheric textures and pulsating rhythms take hold of your Golden Temple and have your karmas be washed away and tap into the power of Wahe Guru with every part of your body, mind and soul.

    "Inner Journey" by Yogi Amandeep Singh features 2 Divine Guided Meditations from Spiritual Master, Panth Rattan Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Bhai Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi Ji. The album is spoken and interpreted in a powerful and meditative way by Yogi Amandeep Singh with music from producer Liv Singh Khalsa. The meditations are deep and trance like and will transport you to healing and elevating places on our Mother Earth and into the Heavens.

    The guided meditations that are featured are "Guided Meditation in the Golden Temple" and "Wahe Guru Guided Meditation".

    Listen to Inner Journey by Amandeep Singh and purchase download here:
    Inner Journey by Amandeep Singh Time: 64:54 Price: $9.98

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