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Invincible Recording Studio

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Phoenix Arizona Recording Studio Invincible Recording: Studio 602-277-2999 Cell 602-327-1879
Owned by Billboard Reviewed and Top 10 Charting, Grammy Nominated, 2 time NAMA Award Winner, Keyboard Magazine Album of the Year Winner producer & engineer Liv Singh Khalsa.

Recording: Audio recording services including tracking, mixing, mastering, arranging and producing. Invincible Recording Studio is known for its crystal clear recordings and fantastic collection of equipment. Owned and operated by Liv Singh Khalsa, who over 25 years experience as a producer and sound engineer. Liv's goal is to capture the magic in your music without technical headaches. Your project will be given tender loving care allowing your creativity to find its true potential.

Recorded and Produced: Wiz Khalifa, Bruce Walker (Dream Works Records), Bizzy Bone, Chris Ray, DMX, Dev Suroop Kaur, Ken Mary with Alice Cooper and House of Lords, Michael Dunlap with the Commodores, Zakir Hussan of the Maha Vishnu Orchestra, Jim Scott with Paul Winter Consort, Antion Vikram with Eric Burdon & the Animals, Ron Feurer with Diana Ross and the Fifth Dimension, Steve Kujala with Chick Corea, Jordan Rudess with Dixie Dregs and Dream Theatre, Kim Robertson, Tesz Millan, Singh Kaur, Snatam Kaur, Simone Awhina, Theresa Coe, GuruGanesha Singh, Lester Chambers with the Chambers Brothers, Ambika Devi, Ric Flauding, Chico Chism, Pete Thelan, PBR, Tony Redhouse, Tony Duncan, Yoga Mint, PBS fealture documentary Apache 8 Soundtrack. Heisman International, Broadway writer and composer Mike Reipka, Auburn University Football Music video soundtrack, Bata Ire, Yonatan Miller, oh and most the albums on this site.

Audio Studio (Sound proof room with hard wood walls and vaulted ceiling) gear includes: Trident 36X24 upgraded by Jim Williams & with added Penny and Giles Faders mixing console - ADAM Audio A7X Powered Studio Monitors - JBL LSR305 Monitors with LSR310S Sub - Tannoy Reveal & Gold Monitors - Yamaha NS-10M vertical logo Monitors - 550 Point Balanced Patch Bay - (4) 24 Channels Motu 1224 24 Bit Digital Converters with Black Lion Upgrade and Micro Timer - Orban 536A Dynamic Sibilance Controller - (2) Drawmer 1960 Tube Mic Pre-amp / Compressors - API 3124 Mic Preamp - Sebatron Axis 200VU Mic Preamp - Peavey VMP-2 Tube Preamp - Studio Technologies Mic Pre Eminence - TL Audio Ivory PA-5001 Valve Pre-Amplifier - Drawmer 1968 ME Compressor - Drawmer 1978 Tone Shaping FET Compressor - (5) Aphex 651 Expressor Compressors - (2) Aphex 612 Expander / Gates - Aphex 661 Tube Compressor - DBX 163X & 166 Compressors - Drawmer DL241 Compressor upgraded with ua 4558c op amps / Limiter - (2) Roland R-880 Quad Digital Reverb - Lexicon PMC-60 & 70 Reverbs - Eventide H3000SE Ultra Harmonizer - Boss RV-70 - Studio Tech AN-2 Stereo Simulator - TC 2240 Parametric Equalizer - (2) Drawmer 1961 Tube Equalizers - DBX 2215 Equalizer / Limiter - VSS3 Stereo Source Reverb - MD3 Stereo Mastering - DVR2 Digital Vintage Reverb - UnWrap Stereo to Surround Conversion - Power Mac Pro 8 Core, Mac G5 and G4, 4B Bryston Power Amplifier and (2) Fostex 5030 Line Amplifiers.

Audio Software: Pro Tools, Motu Digital Performer, Apple Soundtrack Pro 2, Roxio Toast, Waves Renaissance Gold Plus Suite, Vertigo VSC-2, Slate Digital VCC, Waves MPX, Antares Auto Tune, Metric Halo Channel Strip, T.C. Powercore Platform with System 6000 Mastering Plugins, Tubetech CL1 B Compressor, Kush Audio Clariphonic, VSS3 & MD3 Reverbs, Tap Factory, TC-Helicon Haromony 4, Intonator & Voice Modeler, Noveltech Character, Slate Trigger Platinum Phase Accurate Drum Replacement, Spectrosonics Stylus RMX, Symphonic Instruments, Pianoteq 4 with all add-ons, Sample Tank, Philharmonik, Trillian, Atmosphere, Omnisphere with Bob Moog Tribute Collection, Kontakt 5, UVI Workstation, Bias Peak, Trilian, BPM, Native Instruments Battery, Motu Mach Five, and Access Virus.

Mics include: (3) AKG 414 EB Brass Diaphragm (Classic) - (6) Sennheiser MD740 - Beyer MC740 - Neumann TLM 103 - (2) M Audio Sputnic - (2) Nady RSM-4 Ribbon - Nady RSM-3 Ribbon - (2) Shure SM57 - Crown GLM 200 - (2) Sennheiser MD 504.

Keyboards include: (2) Moog Sub 37 - Yamaha 802 - Roland XV-5080, Roland JP-8000, (2) Roland S770 - Roland JD-800 - Korg Karma - Spectrosonics Stylus RMX, Symphonic Instruments, Sample Tank, Philharmonik, Trillian, Atmosphere, Omnisphere with Bob Moog Tribute Collection, Kontakt5, UVI Workstation, Bias Peak, BPM, Pianoteq 4 with all add-ons, Native Instruments Battery, Motu Mach Five, and Access Virus.

Graphic Art: Develop graphic arts for CD covers, posters, magazine adds, post cards and catalogs using Adobe CS Photoshop, Adobe CS InDesign, Adobe CS Acrobat, Canon Digital and Analog EOS Cameras.

Website: Create search engine optimized site themes through page layout, color and images. Create web sites using HTML, CSS web pages, Miva Merchant shopping carts, web movies, flash product profiles, saleable digital downloadable files. Software of choice are Adobe Dreamweaver, Flash Video, Realaudio, Realvideo, and Quicktime.

Video: Digital Video pre and post production including story boards, on location filming, digital film editing, digital special effects, digital graphics and DVD menus. Software includes Apple Final Cut 6, Motion 6, Soundtrack Pro 2, Color, DVD Studio Pro 4 and Compressor 3, ON2 Flix Pro, Mac Pro Tower 8 Core with 2 - 23 inch Cinema Displays, Firmtek 4 Terabyte Raid, and Sony reference monitor. Secondary rendering computers include a Mac G5 2 GHz dual processor and additional G4s.

Video Graphics: We render Bryce scenes, which creates beautiful 3D nature scenes and Artmatic video which creates abstract and visually stunning designs and mandalas. Both these programs have been used to create many hours of stock video footage for use as backgrounds for your projects.

Rates: Call for a per project cost.