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Mata Mandir sings the magestic Japji in Gurmukhi and English. The collectable double album features a 44 page booklet with translations, transliterations and meditations for each Puri.

Japji Double Album CD
    Japji Double Album CD
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      Japji Double Album CD  
      Artist: Mata Mandir Singh

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    Japji Double Album CD
    Length: 60:50:00 CD Price: $18.98
    Individual Songs
    1. Japji In English - 59:48 - Price: $9.98
    2. Japji In Gurmukhi - 44:43 - Price: $8.10

    Japji (upgraded version) now in stock ready to ship!

    New and improved remastered version! All 38 pauris on the Gurmukhi CD have markers which may be looped and used for individual meditations. Extensive 44 page booklet includes translations, transliterations, and meditations for all 39 Pauris. Download album features 38 separate meditation files (Gurmukhi Pauris) as well as the complete continuous version.

    JapJi is the very first composition in the Siri Guru Granth Sahib, (the Sikh Scripture), and is a fundamental description of Gods nature and the nature of man and the universe. Japji is the poetic meditation which links the mind of man to his soul or infinite nature, and relates to the element ether. Japji has the power to control ones "Ji" or soul. Whenever you cannot feel your soul or when the radiance of your soul is weak, Guru Nanak* gave Japji to recite. He said that the forty pauris (stanzas) would liberate humanity from the cycles of birth and death. Each pauri addresses different aspects of the relationship between man and God and each has a specific power and gift that comes with it. The particular power of each pauri lies in the combination of sounds which create the chemical and magnetic change in and around the being who recites it. Enjoy! - Mata Mandir Singh

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    Mata Mandir Singh has dedicated his life to the practice and teaching of Naad Yoga - the yoga of sound. A skilful guitar, mandolin and cittern player, he is a pioneer of the yoga music genre, having recorded more than 28 CDs and cassette tapes since the late 1970's.

    Mata Mandir pours devotion into each note that he sings. His gentle voice creates a sacred atmosphere for healing and connectedness, helping students calm their minds and open their hearts. His Sikh-inspired mantras invite listeners to have a personal experience of the Divine.

    A longtime student of Kundalini Yoga Master Yogi Bhajan, Mata Mandir learned early on about the power of the sound current for elevation. "Yogiji told me a long time ago that if you play any instrument in a rhythmic pattern, that will put you into harmony with the whole universe," he says. Inspired by Yogi Bhajan's life-changing teachings, Mata Mandir then embarked on a journey of helping others come in tune with the rhythm of the universe. "Everything has a frequency and vibration, everything has its own song," he says. "When you tune in to sounds of the world, like the sound of your breath or your heartbeat, for example, the world becomes different. You create a new intelligence in your life and you begin to see rhythm where before you only saw chaos."

    Mata Mandir currently performs and teaches classes on the science of chanting and listening both across the United States and internationally. In his upcoming book, Naad Yoga - the Yoga of Sound Workbook, he explains how one can use mantras to stimulate the brain and glandular system and reach deep states of bliss. "There's a cascade of chemical changes in every word we speak," he says.

    Sharing a deep passion for Naad Yoga, Mata Mandir uses music to guide his students to the present moment and into a natural state of empowerment. Adding to his detailed teachings on chanting, he also emphasizes the importance of learning to deeply listen. "The eyes can create a lot of illusion," he says. "But the ears are very accurate and can distinguish all different notes, all different sounds."

    The Effects of the Japji Stanzas

    CD Track 1: Mul Mantra - Removes negative fate and changes the destiny to complete prosperity.
    CD Track 2: 1st Pauri - Will lift you from the deepest depression, insecurity, nightmares and loss.
    CD Track 3: 2nd Pauri - Imparts patience and stability.
    CD Track 4: 3rd Pauri - Transforms insufficiency to sufficiency. Turns depression into elevation, and transforms low self-esteem into self-confidence.
    CD Track 5: 4th Pauri - Blesses those trapped in feelings of poverty and lack of means. It blasts through the trap of these feelings like a thunderbolt from the blue.
    CD Track 6: 5th Pauri - To be recited when you feel a sense of failure within yourself. When you feel that you are not up to the job this Pauri will grant you success.
    CD Track 7: 6th Pauri - Dispels limitations. Recite it when you feel limited, cornered, trapped or coerced.
    CD Track 8: 7th Pauri - When you suffer from greed, madness for power, overbearing expansion and the need to control. When you are trapped in your territoriality, the seventh stanza will heal you.
    CD Track 9: 8th Pauri - Gives the power to be a perfect sage.
    CD Track 10: 9th Pauri - Gives expansion.
    CD Track 11: 10th Pauri - Grants Grace.
    CD Track 12: 11th Pauri - Gives virtuousness.
    CD Track 13: 12th Pauri - When you feel small, this will give you solidarity of self, self-impressiveness and self-respect.
    CD Track 14: 13th Pauri - Gives you the occult knowledge of infinity. It brings deep intuition.
    CD Track 15: 14th Pauri - When you cannot find your path in life.When you cannot see the direction to your destiny. When you are not fulfilled. This will show you the way.
    CD Track 16: 15th Pauri - Brings salvation.
    CD Track 17: 16th Pauri - Brings knowledge of the structure of the universe.
    CD Track 18: 17th Pauri - Brings freedom and resurrection.
    CD Track 19: 18th Pauri - Fights madness, deep feelings of inferiority and self-destructive behavior.
    CD Track 20: 19th Pauri - Brings universal knowledge, inspiration, and revelation.
    CD Track 21: 20th Pauri - When the monsters are nipping at your heels, this will wipe away all your sins. Also brings all the blessings, jewels, gems and music of life.
    CD Track 22: 21st Pauri - Maintains your status, grace and position.
    CD Track 23: 22nd Pauri - Brings victory in legal battles. Gives you the strategy.
    CD Track 24: 23rd Pauri - Dispels darkness and elevates the self.
    CD Track 25: 24th Pauri - Breaks through all limitations with the power of a thunderbolt. So powerful that it affects generations. Banishes misfortune.
    CD Track 26: 25th Pauri - When you recite the 25th Pauri of Japji all your needs become pre-fulfilled. Prosperity, virtue, estate and wealth are yours without asking.
    CD Track 27: 26th Pauri - Transforms nothing into everything. In your business it banishes losses, misfortunes and miseries.
    CD Track 28: 27th Pauri - When you are stuck and you cannot see the window of opportunity before you, the 27th Pauri shows the way. It removes obstacles and hurdles.
    CD Track 29: 28th Pauri - The strongest permutation and combination of words in the world. It unites you with God.
    CD Track 30: 29th Pauri - Is a shield of protection. It protects you from your enemies by simply vaporizing those that wish to harm you.
    CD Track 31: 30th Pauri - Places you on the throne of divinity. It makes you into a sage and a saint.
    CD Track 32: 31st Pauri - Pulls all the virtues from the heavens.
    CD Track 33: 32nd Pauri - Pays your debts and completes your karmas.
    CD Track 34: 33rd Pauri - Destroys your ego and brings home your divinity. It removes negativity, neutralizes your destructive nature and prevents harm to others by your hand.
    CD Track 35: 34th Pauri - Brings stability.
    CD Track 36: 35th Pauri - Gives you the breadth to do your duty and fulfill responsibilities.
    CD Track 37: 36th Pauri - Brings divine realization. It grants the complete understanding of the heavens and the earth.
    CD Track 38: 37th Pauri - Cuts the karma. It kills the impact of all bad karmas.
    CD Track 39: 38th Pauri - Gives you the power too rewrite your own destiny.
    CD Track 40: Slok - Brings self satisfaction, elevation, acknowledgement and respect.
    CD Track 41: Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa

    Japji Sahib English 59:48

    Mata Mandir Singh Khalsa: Acoustic Guitar and Vocals

    Japji Sahib Gurmukhi 44:43

    Mata Mandir Singh Khalsa: Acoustic Guitar and Vocals

    Hari Kaur Khalsa: Celtic Harp

    Michael Benedik: Troubadour Harp

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