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Japji Pauri 18 also known as Asankh Moorakh

Mantra: Japji Pauri 18 also known as Asankh Moorakh

Complete Mantra:
asankh moorakh andh ghor.
asankh chor haraamkhor.
asankh amar kar jaahi jor.
asankh galvadh hati-aa kamaahi.
asankh paapee paap kar jaahi.
asankh koorhi-aar koorhay firaahi.
asankh malaychh mal bhakh khaahi.
asankh nindak sir karahi bhaar.
naanak neech kahai veechaar.
vaari-aa na jaavaa ayk vaar.
jo tudh bhaavai saa-ee bhalee kaar.
too sadaa salaamat nirankaar. ||18||

More Information:
Countless are the weak, afraid to see the horrors of the world
Countless are the thieves, taking from others.
Countless are the ruthless, imposing their will by force.
Countless are the cut-throats, destroying their own karma.
Countless are the sinners, amassing ever more sins.
Countless are the liars, wandering lost in their lies.
Countless are wretched, eating filth as their meals.
Countless are the slanderers, who cloud their minds with anger and negativity.
Nanak, I see I am lowly.
I cannot even once be a sacrifice to You.
Whatever pleases You is the only good done,
You, Eternal and Formless One. ||18||

The Eighteenth Pauri fights madness, deep feelings of inferiority, and self-destructive behavior.


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Japji Pauri 18 also known as Asankh Moorakh

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