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Mantra: Japji Pauri 2 also known as Hukamee Hovan Aakaar, Hukmee Hovan

Complete Mantra:
hukmee hovan aakaar hukam na kahi-aa jaa-ee.
hukmee hovan jee-a hukam milai vadi-aa-ee.
hukmee utam neech hukam likh dukh sukh paa-ee-ah.
iknaa hukmee bakhsees ik hukmee sadaa bhavaa-ee-ah.
hukmai andar sabh ko baahar hukam na ko-ay.
naanak hukmai jay bujhai ta ha-umai kahai na ko-ay. ||2||

More Information:
By Divine Guidance, bodies are created; Divine Guidance cannot be described.
By Divine Guidance, souls come into being; by Divine Guidance, glory and greatness are obtained.
By Divine Guidance, some are high and some are low; by Divine written Guidance, pain and pleasure are obtained.
Some, by Divine Guidance, are blessed and forgiven; others, by Divine Guidance, wander aimlessly forever.
Everyone is subject to Divine Guidance; no one is beyond Divine Guidance.
O Nanak, one who understands Divine Guidance, does not speak in ego. ||2||

Also known as Hukamee Hovan Aakaar, Hukmee Hovan.


Albums that feature this mantra:

Japji Pauri 02 also known as Hukamee Hovan Aakaar, Hukmee Hovan

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