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Japji Pauri 24 also known as Ant Na siftee

Mantra: Japji Pauri 24 also known as Ant Na siftee

Complete Mantra:
ant na siftee kahan na ant.
ant na karnai dayn na ant.
ant na vaykhan sunan na ant.
ant na jaapai ki-aa man mant.
ant na jaapai keetaa aakaar.
ant na jaapai paaraavaar.
ant kaaran kaytay billaahi.
taa kay ant na paa-ay jaahi.
ayhu ant na jaanai ko-ay.
bahutaa kahee-ai bahutaa ho-ay.
vadaa saahib oochaa thaa-o.
oochay upar oochaa naa-o.
ayvad oochaa hovai ko-ay.
tis oochay ka-o jaanai so-ay.
jayvad aap jaanai aap aap.
naanak nadree karmee daat. ||24||

More Information:
Endless are your praises, endless are those who speak them.
Endless are your actions, endless are your gifts.
Endless is your vision, endless is your hearing.
Your limits cannot be perceived. What is the Mystery of your mind?
The limits of the created universe cannot be perceived.
Its limits here and beyond cannot be perceived.
Many struggle to know your limits,
but your limits cannot be found.
No one can know these limits.
The more you say about them, the more there still remains to be said.
Great is the Master, High is Your Heavenly Home.
Highest of the High, above all is Your Name.
Only one as Great and as High as You
can know Your Lofty and Exalted State.
Only You Yourself are so Great. You know Yourself.
Says Nanak, by Your Glance of Grace, You bestow Your Blessings. ||24||

The Twenty-Fourth Pauri breaks through all limitations with the force of a thunderbolt, so powerfully that it affects generations; it has the power to kill misfortune.


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Japji Pauri 24 also known as Ant Na siftee

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