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Japji Pauri 35 also known as Dharam Khand Kaa Ayho Dharam

Mantra: Japji Pauri 35 also known as Dharam Khand Kaa Ayho Dharam

Complete Mantra:
dharam khand kaa ayho dharam.
gi-aan khand kaa aakhhu karam.
kaytay pavan paanee vaisantar kaytay kaan mahays.
kaytay barmay ghaarhat gharhee-ahi roop rang kay vays.
kaytee-aa karam bhoomee mayr kaytay kaytay Dhoo updays.
kaytay ind chand soor kaytay kaytay mandal days.
kaytay siDh buDh naath kaytay kaytay dayvee vays.
kaytay dayv daanav mun kaytay kaytay ratan samund.
kaytee-aa khaanee kaytee-aa banee kaytay paat narind.
kaytee-aa surtee sayvak kaytay naanak ant na ant. ||35||

More Information:
This is righteous living in the realm of Dharma.
And now we speak of the realm of spiritual wisdom.
So many winds, waters, and fires; so many Krishnas and Shivas.
So many Brahmas, fashioning forms of great beauty, adorned and dressed in many colors.
So many worlds and lands for working out karma. So very many lessons to be learned!
So many Indras, so many moons and suns, so many worlds and lands.
So many Siddhas and Buddhas, so many Yogic masters. So many goddesses of various kinds.
So many demi-gods and demons, so many silent sages. So many oceans of jewels.
So many ways of life, so many languages. So many dynasties of rulers.
So many intuitive people, so many selfless servants. O Nānak, The Creator’s limit has no limit! ||35||

The Thirty-Fifth Pauri gives you the capacity to do your duty and fulfill your responsibility.


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Japji Pauri 35 also known as Dharam Khand Kaa Ayho Dharam

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