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Japji Pauri 05 also known as Thapia Na Jai

Mantra: Japji Pauri 5 also known as Thapia Na Jai

Complete Mantra:
thaapi-aa na jaa-ay keetaa na ho-ay.
aapay aap niranjan so-ay.
jin sayvi-aa tin paa-i-aa maan.
naanak gaavee-ai gunee niDhaan.
gaavee-ai sunee-ai man rakhee-ai bhaa-o.
dukh parhar sukh ghar lai jaa-ay.
gurmukh naadaN gurmukh vaydaN gurmukh rahi-aa samaa-ee.
gur eesar gur gorakh barmaa gur paarbatee maa-ee.
jay ha-o jaanaa aakhaa naahee kahnaa kathan na jaa-ee.
guraa ik dahi bujhaa-ee.
sabhnaa jee-aa kaa ik daataa so mai visar na jaa-ee. ||5||

More Information:
The divine cannot be established and cannot be created. The divine is Immaculate and Pure. Those who serve the divine are honored. O Nanak, sing of the creator, the Treasure of Excellence. Sing, and listen, and let your mind be filled with love. Your pain shall be sent far away, and peace shall come to your home. The Guru’s word is the Sound Current of the Naad; the Guru’s Word is the Wisdom of the Vedas; the Guru’s Word is all-pervading. The Guru is Shiva, the Guru is Vishnu and Brahma; the Guru is Parvati and Lakshmi. Even knowing the divine, I cannot describe them; they cannot be described in words. The Guru has given me this one understanding: there is only the One, the Giver of all souls. May I never forget the Creator ||5||

The Fifth Pauri must be recited when you feel a sense of failure within yourself. When you feel that you are not up to the job this pauri will grant you all success.


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Japji Pauri 05 also known as Thapia Na Jai

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