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Japji with Ocean
    Japji with Ocean
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      Japji with Ocean 
      Artist: Kamaljit Singh

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      Format: New jewel case with CD booklet

      SKU: CDINV008

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    Japji with Ocean
    Length: 48:16:00 (320kbs) Price: $11.98
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    1. Japji With Ocean - 48:18 - Price: $9.00

    Discover your Bliss with the sound of this sacred Prayer with the relaxing and soothing sounds of the ocean. Japji is said to have the power to give the listener the true understanding and nature of the One Soul in your Soul.

    Japji is a universal song of God composed by Guru Nanak, the founder of the Sikh faith. Japji uses the technology of "Naad" - the science of the sound current. Reciting the words of Japji, which speak of that which is beyond words to express, serves to bring the frequency of Infinity into your life. Japji is a tool designed to deliver a human being to a higher level of conciousness. Japji is a requirement for the seeker of Truth. The Sound Current of Japji and the meaning of its words, when meditated upon with openness and love, awakens a soul to its destiny. Step by step, Japji gives you the comprehensive power to know yourself as you are and be one with God's Creation in a spirit of joyful surrender and connection.

    "Repeating the entire Japji adjusts all the elements in all the charkas and gives you a complete tune up in your entire subtle and physical bodies." - Yogi Bhajan on Japji. "Once a man came to me and said, I want to be the wisest man in the world. I said, "Read Japji, and you will be. He never came back. Where is he? I don't know. That's all it takes. If anyone can understand Japji, he can understand the entire wisdom of God."

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