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Jin Prem Kio

Mantra: Jin Prem Kio

Complete Mantra:
Kahaa bhayo jo do-oo lochan moond kai Baith rahee-o bak dhiaan lagaaee-o Nhaat firee-o lee-ay saat samundran lok gayo parlok gavaaee-o Baas kee-o bikheeaan so baith kai Aisay hee ais su bais bitaaee-o Saach kaho sun layho sabhai Jin praym kee-o tin hee prabh paaee-o

What is the use of sitting with one's eyes closed Like a crane, pretending to meditate? One may bathe in the seven seas, But he will lose this world, and lose the world beyond as well. They who spend their lives indulging in corruption and sin, Pass their lives in vain. I speak the truth. Listen, everyone! Those who love God, shall attain him.

More Information:
Mantra and translation courtesy of Nit Naym, Copyright 1987 Hand Made Books

Tav Prasad Savaee-ay

Guru Gobind Singh Ji


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