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Hear unique indigenous instruments from around the world with their own colors and rhythms creating offerings to the Four Winds.

Journey to the Four Winds
    Journey to the Four Winds
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    Journey to the Four Winds
    Length: 60:00:00 CD Price: $18.98
    Individual Songs
    1. East Wind - 14:58 - Price: $2.60
    2. SouthWind - 15:17 - Price: $3.60
    3. WestWind - 13:12 - Price: $2.60
    4. NorthWind - 18:28 - Price: $3.60

    1. East Wind - Native American Music for Meditation and Yoga
    Traditionally, the East wind represents a time of birth and new life emerging in nature. As you hear the birds gently greet you, imagine the childlike innocence and joy of observing the beauty around you.
    2. South Wind - Native American Music for Meditation and Yoga
    The sound of rain reminds us of prosperity, abundance and growth. In the South, as the music becomes more intense and rhythmic, imagine the energy for healing and vitality through the drums vibrations.
    3. West Wind - Native American Music for Meditation and Yoga
    The darker sounding gongs and the ocean announce the West direction where we go deeper inside ourselves, relying on our hearts, not our eyes to perceive the light that reveals our true self.
    4. North Wind - Native American Music for Meditation and Yoga
    The icy sound of metallic bells bring us to the North wind. We have allowed ourselves to be like children, to develop our gifts, to trust our intuition and gain wisdom.

    Indigenous people have used music to communicate their deepest hopes and beliefs to each other, and to the forces in the universe. The most ancient and natural forms of musical expression were the voice, the drum and the flute. These timeless channels of healing and meditation can also summon us to reflect on our own personal season of life in the "Journey to the Four Winds". For Native Americans, traditional music usually recounted their experiences with all relationships in the world around them. Ideally, there existed no separation between our daily life, and the supernatural world, so our music was sacred. In the Circle of Life, the Four winds can be guides for us to forgive our yesterdays, hope for a healthy today, see more clearly with our hearts, and to humbly share with others what we've learned.
    In my music, I utilize unique indigenous instruments from around the world with their own colors and rhythms, to create harmonious offerings to the Four Winds of the Universe. Each of our lives is a valuable and beautiful part of the Universal Circle of which we are connected to. Our diverse cultures, age, gender, and experiences bring balance to the Circle, so that it continues to revolve smoothly. It is my hope that we can all be united by the pulse of the drum, soaring higher and higher with the melody of the voice and flute in this "Journey to the Four Winds".

    ★★★★★ ★★★★★
    5/5 Stars out of 2 Reviews
    Verified Buyer
    Innovative and Inspirational
    Louise M. Goldsberry "Patti Mors" | August 13th, 2016
    If you want a lot of flavor, this is the artist for you. To feel as deeply as Tony Redhouse does, his music will draw you in to your deepest secrets and pleasures. THis artist has his own voice and story to tell in a beautiful and inspirational way.
    Verified Buyer
    Amazing musical journey
    L. Nedilsky "HistoryNut" | November 15th, 2012
    Just received Tony Redhouse's CD and absolutely loved it! I love the rhythm.. it takes you away. I have been a great lover of Native American Music.. and this is by far one of my favorite. I purchased Release by Tony Redhouse, and was somewhat disappointed.. it started out as being very profound for me, but then lost its depth when he started singing in English. Not that I do not like English, but for meditation..society tends to get wrapped up in words.. and words tend to devalue, to me the sounds that are being offered by Tony.. through his amazing interpretation of nature. Wish he had stuck to his native tongue on the first selection.

    Featuring Tony Redhouse

    Soul Blessings Video featuring music by Tony Redhouse.

    East Wind Video featuring music by Tony Redhouse.

    Yie-Shango Video featuring music by Tony Redhouse.

    Boy Dancer Video featuring music by Tony Redhouse.

    Disco Conga Video featuring music by Tony Redhouse.

    Flute Video featuring music by Tony Redhouse.

    Chant Video featuring music by Tony Redhouse.
    Tony Redhouse, Navajo, is an articulate Professional Speaker and talented Hoop Dancer who infuses light-hearted humor and fun into every performance.

    Tony Redhouse is not just your ordinary speaker. Imagine colorful and mesmerizing Native American Dance, Stories, Music and audience participation in a dynamic speaking program. This is not a stoic history lesson or a worn out lecture on the plight of the American Indian. What you will get with Tony Redhouse is something personal, positive, thought provoking and even magical.

    Tony is one of the few Native entertainers today, who has successfully bridged the gap between cultures, social groups, races and ages. Tony has also founded his own style of yoga, Native American Yoga along with new spiritual interactive workshops, talking circles and meditative music. Mr. Redhouse has several music CDs out, and is a Grammy nominated artist.

    Mr. Redhouse brings healing in the form of Dance, Storytelling, Music and motivational speaking.

    Tony Redhouse has served as a Native American Traditional Consultant for HIV/AIDS, substance abuse recovery and Red Road Youth Groups. He is the recipient of several Native American Music Awards, and is a Kennedy Center Approved Artist. Tony has acted as Keynote Speaker for U.S. Governmental Conferences in Washington D.C. and for organizations Nationwide.

    Today, Tony Redhouse acts as not only a performer, but as a Native American traditional consultant, teaching seminars in Native American culture, spirituality and arts/crafts to children and adults. Tony has written and developed a culturally based curriculum for all ages that incorporates Native spirituality as a solution to drug, alcohol and gang related issues, using storytelling and dance. This format parlayed into professional speaking, where Tony now uses traditional and contemporary Native themes along with humor to motivate and inspire corporate audiences in a whole new way.

    Over the years, Tony has acted as Cultural Consultant for Title IV Indian Education, and held position of Art Therapist/Director at Indian Rehabilitation Inc., using Native Art and spirituality in a residential treatment program for substance abuse. He also served as Traditional Practitioner and Coordinator for the Native American Community Health Center's HIV/Aids program, Behavioral Health Departments, and Red Road Youth where he facilitated talking circles and Native American traditional sessions.

    TONY REDHOUSE - SOLO MUSIC Tony Redhouse, (Navajo) is an accomplished World-Beat percussionist. During Tony's youth, he was exposed to Afro-Cuban, Latin Rock and urban soul style drumming in the San Francisco Bay area, and continued to pursue other African based rhythms which he later fused with Jazz.

    Today, Tony combines his ethnic style percussion with Native American flutists and musicians during concerts and in the recording studio, to create a colorful blend of musical textures. The power of the drum to unite all people is expressed by Tony as he weaves the sounds of indigenous instruments & rhythms to his contemporary style of drumming. During his solo performances, Tony plays Native Flute and percussion instruments from around the world. As a musician, dancer and artist, Tony promotes the arts as a vehicle to bring the message of balance & harmony.

    He has recorded with his siblings, "The Redhouse Family Jazz Ensemble", on the Canyon Records label CD titled "Urban Indian". Tony can also be heard on other CDs with Native artists Darryl Tonemah on the "Ghosts of St. Augustine", with Robert Tree Cody on "Maze". and "Native Flamenco", the latter which fuses fiery Latin percussion with traditional flamenco guitar and Native American flute. Tony is currently working on several solo CD projects, and plays locally as a guest percussionist with such groups as Maruma (Rock) and The CPR Orchestra, a high energy Latin/Salsa group.



    UK Convention, Princess Ann Reception, Phoenix, AZ Arizona Family Fun Fest, WB61 & Channel 3 KTVK, Phoenix, AZ Special Performances, Heard Museum, Phoenix, AZ


    Arizona Osteopathic Medical Association, Phoenix, AZ National Conference on Peacemaking & Conflict Resolution, Phoenix, AZ Arizona Speakers Association (ASA) Showcase, Tempe, AZ Phoenix Art Museum, Festival of the West, Phoenix, AZ Israel's Children's Center Dinner Banquet, Phoenix, AZ Teachers Assistants Annual Conference, Phoenix, AZ Eastern Arizona College, Thatcher, AZ Frontier in American Culture, Scottsdale Civic Center Library, Scottsdale, AZ Multi-Cultural Youth Arts Festival ASU, Tempe, AZ


    Chemawa Indian Boarding School, Salem OR Hualapai Tribe, Peach Springs, AZ Havasupai Tribe, Grand Canyon, AZ Indian Rehabilitation Inc. (Native Connections), Phoenix, AZ Sherman Indian Boarding School, Riverside, CA NACHC, Traditional Consultant, HIV/Aids Phoenix, AZ NACHC, Traditional Consultant, Behavioral Health Substance Abuse, Phoenix, AZ NACHC, Red Road Youth Support Groups, Phoenix, AZ TV & FILM CREDITS

    Channel 10 KSAZ - FOX, Phoenix, AZ Channel 3 KTVK, "Good Morning Arizona", Phoenix, AZ Channel 15 KNSV, Phoenix AZ Channel 8, Showcase Native American Artists, Phoenix, AZ Documentary on Native American Substance Abuse, "Dancing on the Battleground" MUSIC RECORDING CREDITS - National Releases

    "Journey to the Four Winds" - Tony Redhouse solo CD (Flute, Drum & Chant) "Urban Indian" by Redhouse Family Jazz Ensemble (Conga Drums, Percussion & Vocals) "Native Flamenco" by Romero, Cody, Redhouse (Conga Drums, Afro-Cuban Percussion) "To Heaven and Beyond" Peace Family Band (Spirit Voyage Music) 2000 "Carry Us Home" Peace Family Band (Spirit Voyage Music) 2001 "Reunion" Peace Family Band (Spirit Voyage Music) 2000 "Chicano Power Revival" CPR Orchestra (Rrrr Music) 2002 "Narayan" Dev Suroop Kaur" 2000 "One in Goddess" Antion Vikram Singh (Ant-E! Music) 2002 "Maze" by Cody, Wallace, Redhouse (World Beat Percussion) Grammy Nominated "Ghosts of St. Augustine" by Tonemah (Latin Percussion) MUSIC PERFORMANCE CREDITS

    Harrah's Ak-Chin Casino - KYOT "Jazz Series" El Pedregal's "Music by Moonlight" Concert Series, Scottsdale, AZ Native American Music Festival, Tsaille, AZ "Beyond Beads & Feathers", Pueblo Grande Museum, Phoenix, AZ "Voices of the Flute", Scottsdale Center for the Arts, Scottsdale, AZ Native American Song & Dance, Scottsdale Center for the Arts, Scottsdale, AZ Special Performances, Heard Museum, Phoenix, AZ Native American Music Concert, University of Nebraska WRITING CREDITS

    Culturally Based Native American Art & Culture Curriculum (Currently in production)


    Arizona Commission on the Arts Residency Roster - Kennedy Center Approved Artist Arizona Speakers AssociationPercussive Arts SocietyPhoenix & Valley Convention & Visitors Bureau

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