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Let There be Peace CD
    Let There be Peace CD
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      Let There be Peace CD  
      Artist: Mata Mandir Singh

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    Let There be Peace CD
    Length: CD Price: $18.98

    The powerful poems (over 63 minutes long) of the two saints intersect and drift across time and space for use in our daily lives to create a vibration where peace an prevail among the human beings of our planet. It is clear that war does doesn't bring peace or prosperity for anyone but the arms merchants and these days the oil companies. Perhaps we can sing for peace to prevail. Pease use this free song for peace as you like. Sing with it, meditate to it, go to sleep with it. You may copy it for your friends, neighbors or give it away with our blessings.

    The enemies of peace in these modern times have not changed much since the time of Guru Gobind Singh. Hatred, the use of violence for political and economic ends and corruption in leadership combine to create widespread hardship and poverty for much of humanity. Violence is just the ultimate expression of ignorance or lack of light in the mind.

    In Naad Yoga we say that everything in the universe is vibrating. The rocks, the trees, the planets and the stars and we all vibrate at various frequencies. As Einstein said, matter and energy are one. The vibrations or primal Word that created this creation we are a part of, pervades all matter in the universe. Words are also a form of energy. They are crystallized though forms or energy templates that can create heaven for us here on earth or a living hell. The ancient and present day saints and sages understood this fact and also understood that potential power we as humans have for vibrating consciously, the frequency we want to create in our world through our words.

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