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Long and Winding Road CD
    Long and Winding Road CD
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      Long and Winding Road CD  
      Artist: Kevin Stoller

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    Long and Winding Road CD
    Length: CD Price: $18.98

    Get into a very mellow mood with this rich and masterful album. Your favorite Beatles melodies are played with the incredible skill of Kevin Stoller.

    "The Beatles have always had a strong influence on me, especially with the release of Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. I have played Beatles songs for many years. This has given me the opportunity to search for ways to express the feelings that these songs have inspired in me."

    "My songs come from the heart and my life, and convey hope for a better world, love and lost love, and the joy of watching a new baby grow."

    "The goal of this album is not only to be musically interesting and provocative, but also to provide great music for working and relaxing." - Kevin Stoller

    Kevin Stoller began playing accordion and piano at the age of five. His love for many styles of music has developed into an impressive portfolio including his recent Doctor of Musical Arts Degree in classical performance. His expansive musical talents encompass arranging for pop and classical choirs, orchestral scoring for television and film, and playing keyboards for many internationally recognized jazz and rock artist including Stevie Nicks.

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