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A deep Journey into your gratitude and peace.

Longtime Sunshine Journey
    Longtime Sunshine Journey
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      Longtime Sunshine Journey  
      Artist: Tesz

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    Individual Songs
    1. Lontime Sunhine Journey - 11:57 - Price: 1.29

    Blissful ambient sounds mingle with Tesz’ rich, expressive voice for this heart and soul-stirring rendition of “Long Time Sun Shine.” A sonic dream to a place of peace, healing and rejuvenation for the mind, body and spirit. “Longtime Sunshine Journey” is a reawakening of the meditative blessing often sung at the end of Kundalini Yoga. The song’s message signals an end, as well as a beginning. Its words are full of hope and good intention, offering the listener good wishes for a lifetime journey surrounded by love. The chant at the end of the song is meant to call upon the ancient mothers and fathers who have guided us to this point in our collective path. With these words, we bow down to and honor the divine.

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    Longtime Sunshine Journey Video with Tesz.

    As a creative vocal artist, I believe in creating music that celebrates our intrinsic connection to each other. I am grateful to be with you through this music and all it manifests. May these creations connect us and inspire the richness of life in us all. Come visit me at:
    Vocals by Tesz
    Keyboards by Garrison Jones
    Produced, Recorded and Arranged by Liv Singh Khalsa and Quantum Dream
    Original song written by Mike Heron / The Incredible String Band
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