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Mai Andhulay Kee Tayk

Mantra: Mai Andhulay Kee Tayk

Complete Mantra:
Mai andhule ki tek teraa naam khundkaara
Mai gareeb, mai maskeen, teraa naam hai adhaara
Kareemaa raheemaa alaah tu ganee
Hajraa hajoor dar pes tu manee
Dariao tu dihand tu bisiaar tu dhanee
Deh leh ek tu digar ko nahee
Tu daana tu beena mai beechaar kia karee
Naame che swamee bakhsand tu hari

I am blind, your name is my only support, O Lord.
I am poor and meek; your name is my only support.
O beautiful, benevolent and merciful lord, you are wealthy and generous.
You are ever present in every presence, within me and before me.
O river of life and giver of all, your wealth is abundant.
You alone give, You alone take away, you never falter.
O wise one, O supreme seer, you are beyond my comprehension.
O Lord and Master of Nam Dev, Ever Forgiving and Merciful.

Siri Guru Granth Sahib

Bhagat Nam Dev ji


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