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Mantras for Peace & Healing
    Mantras for Peace & Healing
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      Mantras for Peace & Healing  
      Artist: Hamid Jabbar

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    Individual Songs
    1. OM - 9:51
    2. Namah Shivaya - 9:32
    3. Asatoma - 5:29
    4. Mahā Mantra - 5:07
    5. Savasana - 12:26

    These simple and timeless mantras are windows to our consciousness, each revealing aspects of our humanity and our divinity. The opening mantra OM is the cosmic sound of the Universe echoing through all creation. OM is followed by a traditional Yoga invocation to Shiva, the God of change, transmutation, destruction. Shiva is constantly wiping the slate clean so that we can reform ourselves. Asatoma is a mantra calling for enlightenment and transcendence of fear. And, the Mahā Mantra is the eternal chant to Lord Krishna which liberates the soul. As with all Yoga practices, this practice of mantra ends with Savasana, and deep rest of the mind, body, and spirit. Enjoy these mantras with meditation, yoga, or any activity that brings you peace and healing.

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    Hamid grew up in a multicultural household with a father from Iran and mother from Romania. His youth was spent hearing three very different languages being spoken along with a wide variety of traditional music: Persian, Arab, Indian, and all manner of Western styles. Hamid received his first piano lessons from his great grandmother at the age 4. He obtained his first guitar around the same time. By high school, Hamid was playing in punk and hardcore bands on the weekends and playing jazz and classical guitar during school hours as part of band. He continued his musical studies at NYU, graduating with a Bachelor of Music. Thereafter, Hamid studied a number of different disciplines, from law, to psychology, to yoga, to bodywork and traditional healing, to meditation, and finally back to sound in its purest form. Fifteen years later, Hamid has shed nearly all traces of his formal music schooling, emerging with a return to basic natural harmonics for quieting the mind. He lives in Phoenix and teaches yoga and meditation full-time, utilizing live sound from gongs, bowls, chimes, flutes, and his own voice to lead people into transcendental states of consciousness.
    Vocals and Instrumentation by Hamid Jabbar. Recorded Mixed and Mastered by Liv Singh Khalsa at Invincible Recording Studio. Cover Drawing by Hamid Jabbar and Graphics by Liv Singh Khalsa.
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