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Master of the Bamboo Flute CD
    Master of the Bamboo Flute CD
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      Master of the Bamboo Flute CD  
      Artist: G. S. Sachdev

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    Master of the Bamboo Flute CD
    Length: CD Price: $18.98


    Raga Hindole Early morning raga

    A celebration of spring. There are no 2nd or 5th notes. The 7th is used in a roundabout way (vakra). The 4th is sharp. The raga proceeds in three steps: the alap which unfolds the beauty of the raga, second is medium-slow ektal of 12 beats, and the lively third movement is in teental of 16 beats and expresses the joyfulness of springtime. The raga is played more in the upper octaves due to its heroic mood. The 7th note is used with great caution generally in a quick and subtle slide.

    Raga Bageshri Late night raga

    The 3rd and 7th notes are flat. There is occasional use of the 5th which beautifies the raga. The mood is graceful, deep and serious. The opening alap establishes the structure and the mood of the raga. The slow composition in ektal explores the depth of the raga and the mood lightens during the fast teental. The voice of the flute in both ragas reflects the singing style with its many nuances

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