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Meditation Series Volume One
    Meditation Series Volume One
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      Meditation Series Volume One  
      Artist: Mata Mandir Singh

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    Hum Dhum - Tantric style call and answer meditation used by Yogi Bhajan throughout the world.

    This mantra has been chanted since ancient times to open the heart and create a powerful force for communication. Guru Gobind Singh is credited with saying that this ancient mantra contained the rhythm of the beat of a galloping horse. Hum is a mantra meaning the God within ourselves, Dhum signifies the God outside. Microcosm and macrocosm. Har is the creative power of the universe. Sing with it, dance to it or exercise with it.

    Waheguru - Tantric style call and answer meditation used throughout the world.

    We will use the mantra of Wahe Guru chanted in a special form and rhythm. It is a Guru Mantra that means; the ecstasy of God-consciousness that is beyond words to express.

    Note - The chanting was recorded in tantric style (men and women alternating.) However, to do the meditation as it was given you may sing every line.

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