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Melodies of the Cane Flute Volume 2 CD
    Melodies of the Cane Flute Volume 2 CD
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      Melodies of the Cane Flute Volume 2 CD  
      Artist: Estun-Bah

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    Melodies of the Cane Flute Volume 2 CD
    Length: CD Price: $18.98

    Experience the sounds of the Southwest. With the gentleness of the Apache cane, Estun-Bah will take you on an endless journey of love songs and enchanting musical landscapes. The soft blend of the Native American flute with the elegant touch of the acoustic guitar will soothe the mind and enrich the soul. Nominated as Best World Music Album and Best Instrumental Album at the Native American Music Awards, Estun-Bah is the premier Native sound of the Southwest. Soar with the eagles. Listen to the heartbeat of Mother Earth. Feel the first beams of the sunrise.

    The Apache cane flute is indigenous to the Southwest. Itís carved from the tall stalks of the desert river cane. According to traditional stories a young man played beautiful melodies as he was taught be his elders. This was the way to pursue a young woman with great respect, beauty, and gentleness.
    The flute of the high plains is said to be a gift from the bird people. A young boy heard the tapping of a woodpecker as he sat outside his tipi. As he looked up at the tree he saw 4 young woodpeckers. These woodpeckers carved holes out of a hollow tree branch. As the wind began to pick up the woodpeckers hopped up and down on the tree branch as the wind blew through it. The first sounds of the northern flute played as the tree swayed from side to side. The branch fell from the tree and into the arms of the young boy. From that day on the boy played the flute from village to village. A gift from the bird people.

    Complimentary videos features music from albums by Tony Duncan with Estun-Bah.

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