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Meraa Man Saadh Janaa

Mantra: Meraa Man Saadh Janaa

Complete Mantra:
Meraa man saadh janaa mil hareeaa
Hao bal bal bal bal saadh janaa kau mil sangat paar utareeaa (rahao)
Har har kirpa karahu prabh apanee ham saadh janaa pag pariaa
Dhan dhan saadh jin har prabh jaaniaa mil saadhu patit udhareeaa
Manuaa chalai chalai baho baho bidh mil saadhu vasgat kariaa
Jiu jal tant basaario badhak garas minaa vasgat khariaa
Har kay sant sant bhal neekay mil sant janaa mal laheeaa
Haumai durat gaiaa sabh nikar jio sabun kapar kariaa
Mastak lilaat likhiaa dhur thaakur gur satgur charan ur dhariaa
Sabh daalad dukh bhanj prabh paayaa jan naanak naam udhariaa

Meeting with the holy people, my mind blossoms forth.
I am a sacrifice, a sacrifice, a sacrifice, a sacrifice unto those holy beings;
Joining the sangat, the holy congregation, I am carried across to the other side. (Pause)
O lord, Har Har, please bless me with your mercy, that I may fall at the feet of the Holy.
Blessed, blessed are the Holy, who know the Lord God, meeting with whom even sinners are saved.
The Mind roams and rambles around in all directions.
Meeting with the Holy, it is overpowered and brought under control.
Just as when the fisherman spreads his net over the water, he catches and overpowers the fish.
The Saints, the Saints of the Lord are humble and good.
Meeting with the humble saints, filth is washed away.
All the sins and egotism are washed away, like soap washing dirty clothes.
According to that preordained destiny inscribed on my forehead by my lord and master,
I have enshrined the feet of the Guru, the true Guru, within my heart.
I have found God, the destroyer of all poverty and pain;
Servant Nanak is saved through the Naam.

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Translation and transliteration courtesy ot:

Siri Guru Granth Sahib

Guru Ram Das


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