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Mere Ram

Mantra: Mere Ram

More Information:
For some, the concept of God feels far away and separate. It has taken on the form of a man in the clouds, or a deity. If you can’t connect with that image of the Infinite or feel constrained rather than inspired by the structure of that form of worship, you might decide that God is not for you. If it doesn’t ring true, it won’t feel true, and so God gets pushed away. For a tangible connection to the divine from a humanist perspective, you can remember that there’s no single way to see God. There is an infinite number of manifestations or characterizations of the Divine. This mantra helps you to have an experience of that.

The mantra ‘Mere Ram’ essentially means ‘My God’ or ‘Beloved God’. Ram refers to the Divine in the physical form, so it brings the Divine energy clearly and presently to your side.

Albums that feature this mantra: