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Mitre Piare Noon

Mantra: Mitre Piare Noon

Complete Mantra:
khiaal paathishaahee
mithr piaarae nanoo haal mureedhaa(n) dhaa kehinaa
thudh bin rog rajaaeeaaa(n) dhaa outan naag nivaasaa(n) dhae rehinaa
sool suraahee khanjar piaalaa bing kasaaeeaaa(n) dhaa sehinaa
yaararrae dhaa saananoo saathar changaa bhaath khaerriaaa(n) dhaa rehinaa

Please tell the dear friend - the Lord - the plight of his disciples. Without You, rich blankets are a disease and the comfort of the house is like living with snakes. Our water pitchers are like stakes of torture and our cups have edges like daggers. Your neglect is like the suffering of animals at the hands of butchers. Our Beloved Lord's straw bed is more pleasing to us than living in costly furnace-like mansions.

Dasam Granth Sahib

Guru Gobind Singh

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