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Endler fish are known for their vivid florescent colors and very interactive and endearing behavior. Almost extinct in the wild, their natural habitat is a small estuary and a few rivers in a remote part of South American.

Our Endlers are wild N Class (Poecilia Wingei) and have never been crossed with guppies. Our tanks are heavily planted which adds to their health and vitality. We feed them Spectrum Optimum Fresh H20 flakes as well as live baby brine and frozen foods. They will do fine in your tank with just a high quality flake food but we do recommend small frozen foods as well. We consider the Spectrum flake foods to be the best dry food available.

Endler's livebearers are hardy and undemanding in the aquarium, though they prefer hard, warm water. The warmer the water, the faster they will grow; however, this also seems to shorten their lifespans. They can be kept at 18-29 degrees C (64-84 degrees F), but their optimum temperature seems to be 24-27 degrees C (75-81 degrees F). This is slightly higher than their guppy cousins, which prefer 23-25 degrees C (73-77 degrees F). They do best if kept in tanks with plants to give them hiding places and (although they may be less likely than guppies to eat their own young) give the fry a better chance at survival. Some of them are determinedly suicidal jumpers, so a cover on the tank is a must.

Endler fish are very responsive to light and movement. After they learn that humans equate to food, human movement will trigger frantic regardless of whether the fish are actually hungry or not. Darkness will signal it is time to sleep. Most Endler's will sink to the bottom of the tank and lie there until the light returns, although in community tanks with larger fish that inhabit the depths, some Endler's will sleep near the top.

Endlers Fish

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