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Deep Within CD
    Deep Within CD
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      Deep Within CD  
      Artist: Tony Redhouse

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    Deep Within CD
    Length: CD Price: $18.98

    Tony Redhouse's "Deep Within" wins Best New Age Recording 2009 Native American Music Award!

    In the Deepest place within You, I find my Truth. Who I am... Who I always have been, is in Your love.

    CD One: Guided Healing Meditations with Music and Chant.

    1. The Womb - When we simplify our life to a heartbeat, we find our
    essence and see our beginning with the Spirit.
    2. Eagle’s Flight - Like the eagle we can learn to leave the nest, and allow the challenges of life to lift us up to the heavens.
    3. Hearts United - When our hearts, - like drums, unite to the pulse of the Spirit, we create Harmony in the Universe.

    CD Two: Healing Meditation Music with Chant.

    1. Heartbeat of Love - The pulse of the Native American Drum connects you with Heartbeat of Mother Earth.
    2. Wings of Balance - The Wind of the Spirit creates melodies on the Native American Flute that take you soaring to your hopes & dreams.
    3. Lives Connected - When we choose to Unite our heart with all of Life, we experience the beauty & strength on earth that transports us to the heavens.

    Tony Redhouse, Navajo Indian, is a Native American sound healer, spiritual teacher and recording artist. He draws deeply from the ancient forms of expression, - the voice, the drum and the flute, to create a peaceful space for us to connect with the Spirit. Tony’s passion is to share spiritual traditions through his music that frees people to experience the joy of “coming back home” to themselves. His music has profoundly touched those who are in recovery from substance abuse, cancer, grief and trauma. He has presented programs to federal government agencies, substance abuse recovery centers, Native American HIV/AIDS, behavioral health colleges and metaphysical groups. He developed his TV series called “The Tony Redhouse Show” which aired in Tucson Arizona.

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