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Musical Affirmations Volume 6
    Musical Affirmations Volume 6
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      Musical Affirmations Volume 6 
      Artist: Nirinjan Kaur

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      Format: New jewel case with CD booklet

      SKU: CDINV526

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    Musical Affirmations Volume 6
    Length: 62:02:00 (320kbs) Price: $9.98
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    1. Har Haray Haree - 31:47 - Price: $6.30
    2. The Test - 31:25 - Price: $6.30

    Har Haray Haree is for generating, organizing and delivering. The mantra Har Haray Haree invokes the three forms of God. Har = the One. Haray = the merged One. Haree = the projected one. This powerful mantra ends with the final sound of Wahe Guru which is the ecstasy of God. The Test is for life balance and helps give perspective on all of life's challenges, reminding us that Truth is our real identity. Here are some of the lyrics. "Good and bad, happy and sad, all is the test of our excellence. Love and romance, tears and dance, all is the test of patience... Rivers of life are flowing, breath of life is blowing, and the radiance of life is glowing through us all. You and I we're going on the path of knowing. Through the light of destiny, Unto infinity.

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    Nirinjan Kaur - Musical Affirmations Vol. 1 - Every Heartbeat & God is Within Me Video.
    The voice of Nirinjan Kaur has a rare quality that is soothing, meditative, and truthful. The ancient traditional chants are enhanced with English lyrics written by Yogi Ji, master of white tantric yoga and Kundalini Yoga. These lyrics contain the essence of the ancient chants and together, the two languages create a powerful synergy. This is truly therapy music for its pure effect on mind and soul.
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